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Peruvian Chicken Restaurant Opens on Greenpoint

Photo: QueensPost

July 21, Staff Report

A new Peruvian chicken restaurant opened on Greenpoint Avenue Saturday.

The restaurant, called Don Pollo, is located at 41-06 Greenpoint Ave. and offers traditional Peruvian fare.  Its menu features a lot of seafood dishes and plenty of chicken deals.

Peruvian food is growing in popularity around the city.

This is the second Don Pollo restaurant to open. The original is in Ozone Park.

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cecilia corvacho

At @Julie 2.0 Don’t get confused!!! Don Pollo is not the same restaurant as Los Pollos!! Los Pollos is the restaurant located at 45-51 46 st betw 46st and 47th ave. They have the Band on Saturdays and the food is “unique” they have a beautiful decor and their staff are very nice. Don Pollo doesn’t have a band and is new in the neighborhood.

Hoof Hearted

Thurman, that wouldn’t surprise me. The first time I went by Pio Pio, they didn’t even have a menu in English so I said screw that, not stepping foot in the place.

Dorothy Morehead

I love Andean pipe music (think El Condor Pasa for those old enough to remember) and would love to hear it again. I’ll definitely check this place out.


There are so many good (if not GREAT) Peruvian joints in the area; I hope this one doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Good luck!


If u want to be ripped off at pio pio , with this strange tax that they put on non Hispanics !!!

Nancy Barrett

I got take out this afternoon, a chicken, yellow rice, beans & salad…the food was delish! Loved the décor in the restaurant…I hope they make it in that spot!

Prof Doofershmirtz

another chicken place 30 feet from the other one?? c’mon i thought we were going hipster!? where’s the cool cafes and vinyl LP shops? This place ain’t gettin none o my dimes. Sorry. Seriously, can’t we at least get a bagel shop in this neighborhood?, one without 15 years of sticky grime caked on the chairs like Daves.

Hoove Hearted

I was impressed with the food and service at another Peruvian place, Los Pollos so I’ll probably give this place a whirl as well.

Julie 2.0

My lady and I checked out this place last night — we were lucky to get the last table in the joint! They had a band playing Peruvian music to celebrate the opening, which was a treat. The food was excellent — easily the best restaurant this far south. She had the fried rice, I had the fish and chips. Also had the purple corn juice, which like whoa. The ceviche looked really good, gonna get that next time.

Best part is — they’re open till 11pm! Can’t wait to go back. Yeah!


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