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‘Person of Interest’ is filming in Sunnyside tonight, days after ‘The Good Wife’

Person of Interest

Oct. 3, 2014 By Christian Murray

Person of Interest, the CBS drama, will be filming tonight on several Sunnyside streets.

The popular TV series is in its fourth season and stars Jim Caviezel, who plays the role of a former CIA agent hired by a billionaire to fight New York City crime. The show premiered in September 2011 and is in its fourth season.

The film crew will start shooting on 43rd 44th, 45th and 46th Streets (between 43rd Avenue and Queens Blvd) at 2 pm and will be filming night scenes. The production team has blanked the area with “no parking” signs.

The production comes just days after the filming of The Good Wife, another CBS series, which was shot on Skillman Avenue (between 48th and 49th Streets), as well as on 48th Street (btw. 43rd and Barnett Avenues) and 49th Street (between Skillman and Barnett Avenues).

Dorothy Morehead, a community board 2 member, spoke at the monthly CB2 meeting last night and said that all this filming has become excessive. She said that it is tough enough to get parking in the neighborhood as it is—without constant filming.

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No parking
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I have to say I really am fed up with all the shooting around here. A summer ago we had a movie shoot at PS 150. I woke up to their food trucks frying onions at 5 in the morning right at my bedroom window, they wrecked the trees in the area with their lighting trucks, so much so we complained to the city. Not that it did anything. They left trash all over and we found their “actors” sitting on our front porch eating and leaving all their left overs in our garbage cans. I have to say it really was a pain in the ass! They were rude, arrogant and not very nice in general. It screws up the parking, they are hell on the trees with their equipment, breaking limbs, and basically I wish they would go somewhere else.


It’s all over LIC, too- especially around Court Square, and on 45th Road between 21st and 23rd Streets. It’s been UNBEARABLE for months now! The noise at night- or starting super early in the morning at 4, 5, 6 am- air pollution from idling trucks and trailers, noise from talking, yelling, loading and unloading, no parking space- it’s been just AWFUL! Some stupid show “Mozart in the jungle” has been in this area for months now, and next week it’s “Nurse Jackie”. We just can’t seem to be able to catch a break here. No sleep, no clean air, no parking spaces- and the Mayor’s office doesn’t seem to care at all! They just keep sending them back here. Who benefits from this? We certainly don’t.

Paul Maringelli

Love to see our neighborhood, Sunnyside, in movies and TV. I always tell my friends to watch.
To everyone who complains about parking, do what I did years ago, sell the car and take the #7 train.


I think the filming is fine in moderation. What was particularly frustrating earlier this week, though, was the filming of The Good Wife on the same day that the city decided to tear up and begin repaving 52nd street north of Skillman. One would think the city would have recognized that many streets would be closed for the Good Wife filming and not decided to shut down several additional streets and require all cars to be moved. This, to me, is inexcusable.

Peggy G

I think it is great for the kind of puts Sunnyside out there for all to see. Love seeing seeing the cast and crew from shows we love to watch.

South Side Johnny

I think it’s admirable that maintenance projects that are scheduled far in advance are allowed to move forward and not be subjected to various “unscheduled” delays. Many of us have been waiting for 52nd Street to be re-paved; some would say it’s long overdue! I think a message is sent when we refuse to postpone important projects just because there are some cameras rolling.


There are no parking Saturday signs between 41st and 43rd on Skillman across the park. Any idea why?

Preschool Teacher

Eurozone, those signs are there all the time. It’s for the Saturday Farmers’ Market.


We just need to know where the money is going? Is it being spent in the neighborhood or is it going back to Manhattan to fix their potholes?


By “the money” do you mean the corporate profits? I imagine it goes to CBS shareholders. The fees paid to the city for permission to film in various NYC neighborhoods most likely goes into a general account, it’s doubtful that it’s “given “back to the local community,. Do you think there are lots of lucrative transactions going on because they’re filming an episode of a TV show in Sunnyside? It’s pretty much a routine process and no one is really “profiting” or receiving extra benefits as a result.

Anonymous visitor

Kicked out of LIC now filming in Sunnyside.
JVB do something and not just for the riches of LIC.


I don’t mind.. occasionally. It’s kind of fun to see the “action” and actors do their work. I think it’s just coincidental that the two shoots were back to back. I don’t recall it being all that common, so I don’t think this will be a problem. And also remember, it’s the season for this.


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