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Sunnyside Teenager Killed in Long Island City Skateboarding Accident

Location of Incident (Google Earth)

Sept. 26, 2013 By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside teenager was killed in a skateboard accident in Long Island City Thursday morning.

The police said that Alexander Ciszewski, 18, was holding on to the passenger side of a white 2005 GMC box truck while skateboarding eastbound on 47th Ave between 32nd Place and 33rd Street when he lost control. Upon losing control, he fell underneath the rear wheel of the vehicle.

EMS responded to the scene at about 11:30 am and transported Ciszewski, who lived at 42-09 47th Avenue, to Elmhurst Hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Really, if someone asks you where you live, you would say, “I live in a town called Suynnyside?” I’ve never heard of anyone calling Sunnyside a town. That’s a new one.

are you kidding me ?

HEY PG Town/Neighborhood all the same Sunnyside is not Jersey I agree LOL

But Sunnyside is my Town my family’s home town for over 80 years how long are you here ?

Sunnyside’s Chamber of Commerce has dubbed the Queens neighborhood “a small town in a big city,” and after spending a day here, it’s easy to see why:

Sunnyside, Queens
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Sunnyside, Queens, New York)
Neighborhoods of New York City
ZIP code
The neighborhood is part of Queens Community District 2, served by Queens Community Board 2.[1]
The land was originally owned by French settlers in the 1800s. The name “Sunnyside” is derived from Sunnyside Hill Farms, so named by the Bragraws family who owned the land.[2] Sunnyside was a rural hamlet mostly consisting of small farms and marshland. It was incorporated into Long Island City in 1870, and developed into a bedroom community after the Queensboro Bridge was completed in 1909. A large portion of the neighborhood is six-story apartment buildings constructed during the 1920s and ’30s.
The area is known for one of America’s first planned communities, Sunnyside Gardens.


So sad. Terrible 18 he lost his life. Asshole driver sped up that’s why kid lost his footing and died. Complete jerk driver. How can he live with himself . His poor family !! Mother lost her husband 5 years ago and now her son. How does the Mother and brother and sister deal with this?? Heartbreaking


@ Ann nothing wrong read the police report???……ask the witness……the truck driver hit him and kept going…he looked back and saw him and did not stop. Last time i checked that is a hit and run…….the witness also stated the driver sped up……..


I don’t see how it’s the drivers fault even if he did speed up. If I’m driving and I see someone holding on to the passenger side I’m thinking, this guy might be trying to jack my ride! The kid used poor judgment and wins a Darwin Award.

Sad for the mother indeed.


The kid was flirting with death by his stunt. That’s not being cruel, just a simple statement of fact. It’s hard enough maneuvering a large vehicle on city streets without some dare devil latching onto you from behind. I have to give benefit of the doubt to the driver and sympathies to the family. This is obviously a traumatic event for all involved.

His Coworkers

We feel for the family……. Alex was a good kid
From the Managers and the rest of his co workers/friends at work he will be missed god speed rest in peace Alex

are you kidding me ?

Heartless this is someone from our town how could anyone anyone speak like this ………..of someone’s child would you be brave enough to say what you wrote here to Alex’s Mother in her face nor if you had a son brother or nephew that made the same mistake as Alex would you want to read it on a snarky blog like this I think not


While I understand that it was a reckless thing to do grabbing onto a moving car, the driver saw a skateboarder tried to swerve in and out, when he saw that it didnt work he sped up, hit him, looked back and didn’t stop. Something is edging me that it wasnt purely an accident and the guy came back due to fear of the police.


Ralph and Anon are right. I have sympathy for his family and it is sad when a young person dies in such a senseless manner but he brought it on himself. If any good can come out of it, maybe others will learn from this.


It’s one thing to skate on a bath or on an empty street. It’s another to skate in a busy industrial area and hang onto a car risking your life. It’s true, he brought it upon himself. It’s a tragedy, but he should have known better to not do such a dumb thing.

Jim Soladay

He wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, this is a terrible story. I’m going to skate over to his mothers home and hand her a flower


@Long time Sunnyside resident: “Only for the grace of god it could be anyone’s kid.” No, this only happens to people who break the law and grab onto moving vehicles with a skateboard or bike.

Long time Sunnyside resident

At anom u must b an old miserable person. He didn’t murder or rape someone. While he may have been irresponsible he was still only a kid. He lost his father a few years ago. May they both rest in peace. Most 18 year olds skateboard and want to have fun. Sad story. Only for the grace of god it could be anyone’s kid.


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