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OT Closed by Health Dept, Manager Claims it Wasn’t Fair


Sept. 21, 2015 By Christian Murray

OT, the Greek restaurant located at 39-31 Queens Blvd, was temporarily shut down by the Health Dept. on Thursday.

The department claimed that there was evidence of mice, and that there were fruit flies on the premises.  Furthermore, it wrote up the restaurant for having cold food being held above 41 degrees.

Chris Ioannides, who manages the restaurant, said that he was perplexed by the Health Dept’s findings, claiming that he had an extermination company come to the restaurant three days prior to the inspection. “I guess my exterminator screwed up… or something doesn’t make sense.”

“People are looking in the window and this is so embarrassing,” he said. “I had a big group coming out for the Giants game and I had to tell them they couldn’t come.”

Ioannides, who was not in the restaurant at the time of the inspection, said the inspector claimed he discovered mice droppings and several fruit flies.

“These guys should wear cameras on them so we can see exactly what they are seeing,” Ioannides said. closedOT

He did concede that his food permit had recently expired but was not aware of it until the inspection. “I thought my accountant had taken care of it,” he said.

Ioannides also said that the inspector claimed his slicer was dirty. However, Ioannides said his chef had just used it prior to the inspector’s arrived. He said that the chef was also preparing a dish so he had items that were on the counter that were supposed to be refrigerated.

Ioannides aims to reopen Tuesday.

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El loco

maybe those were his pet mice and roaches. By the way the Skillman fair is probably the worst street fair that i have ever seen. Great job!


I was here once and never again. This guy chris thinks hes scarface. I went in with a friend and nobody else was in the place and he was actually disturbing he had to serve someone. Very unwelcoming place. i agree with a previous post,get real pal, its everyones fault but yours. Your the owner and you dont know when your permit expires???? They send you the bill for it 6-8 weeks before it expires, its $280! I know that and i dont own a place. Own up to your mismanagment mistakes,stop blaming everyone else. Man up scarface


or do what every other desperate owner does turn it over to the rap hip hop promoters,

They will pack the place you will make a ton of money and in 6-8 weeks you can close it down or it will be closed for you….due to the violence car break ins dope dealing, daily police presence… but who cares you got your money back from an almost certain bankruptcy


no the club owner is a dope for usually overspending on renovations before opening so after a few weeks there is not much cash left over to advertise its weekly specials…

plus it being next to a subway stop it’s just stupid not to be open everyday at 4pm to get the walk in happy hour neighborhood traffic….who might just come by on the weekends and spend a lot of money

M.A. Cody

honestly, why “make it into a hookah lounge if “Dragon Puff” doesn’t get many customers anymore (if it’s still even open)”, so they can go out of business, too?


I think he should honestly just make it into a hookah lounge honestly. I don’t think Dragon Puff gets many customers anymore (if it’s still even open).

The place is pretty spacious; could easily accommodate a bar & a dance floor & speakers and what not. Maybe even air Pay-Per-View events (MMA, Boxing, etc) on big TV’s while charging a surcharge on the bill for everyone inside for that access. And they could still serve some food their too, seems like a win-win in my opinion.


I’m all for having a drink at a bar, but this place looks like a strip club. Or a night club. I think once he realized he wouldn’t be able to pull off a bottle service type of night club, all his plans went right into the crapper.

He also doesn’t seem ready to throw more money into this venture to reinvent, so I give this place three months. Six months max!

Avoid the Noid

There’s still hope for the this place. Hire all the girls from Pio Riko to dance the night shift and I’ll pay for bottle service.


I thought it was trying to be like a Sidetracks sort of rip off. Which I wouldn’t actually mind.

It just looks cheesy to me though. Although I will say I love Greek food so I walked in once… and walked right out as they were playing techno music on very high volume at like 4 in the afternoon.

Def not my sort of place. They need to re-work the “vision” to make it fit into the community better.


Well, I guess it was the fault of the exterminator, accountant, and chef. This guy is throwing everyone under the bus! The manager’s response really dissuades me from stepping foot in this establishment; something suggests to me that this is not a place that believes “the customer is always right.”

Boyd Rice

Just another everyone’s fault but mine kind of guy I guess.Those people he was expecting should personally thank the inspector they didn’t have to sit through the Giants game debacle.


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