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NYPD Names a New Commanding Officer for 108 Precinct

Capt. Michael Gibbs (NYPD)

Feb. 5, 2019 By Christian Murray

The NYPD has appointed a new commanding officer for the 108 Precinct, which covers Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City.

Captain Michael Gibbs took over the command last week, replacing Deputy Inspector Ralph Forgione who headed the precinct for two years.

This will be the first time Gibbs has been in charge of a precinct. He was the executive officer—or second in charge—at the 110 Precinct, which covers Elmhurst and Corona, prior to the appointment.

Gibbs, who was raised in Woodside, has been with the NYPD for 25 years. He started his career in the Bronx and spent several years as a transit officer.

In more recent times, he was an executive officer at Citi Field and the 104 Precinct, which covers Ridgewood, Maspeth and Middle Village.

“He’s a real gentleman and I can already see that he is a great leader,” said Det. Marc Torres, who works in Community Affairs at the 108 Precinct. “He’s also a huge Mets fan.”

The 108 Precinct is often the place where officers lead a command for the first time. This was true of Forgione and his popular predecessors Deputy Inspector John Travaglia and Brian Hennessy. All were transferred after being in charge for about two years.

Forgione has been reassigned to Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, a unit that oversees 13 precincts in Brooklyn. Details as to what role he plays there was not known at press time.

Crime remains low in the 108 Precinct. In 2018, there were just two murders.


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Fan of Dough Boy Park

Crime is low? Crime is skyrocketing, Saturday afternoon my neighbor’s son was accosted inside Saint Sebastian’s at 1 o’clock in the afternoon by 3 drunk illegal aliens. The problem is that the local stores tell employees not to interfere with thieves. So these drunk animals feel free to get loaded by stealing beers knowing they won’t get in trouble and then they go out and harass and threaten people. They urinate , defacate and trash our neighborhood,but if we say anything, we’re rascists. The cops go back to looking the other way because they don’t want to deal with the possible fallout. This isn’t going to end well and when someone who has had enough explodes and lashes out, they will be railroaded and labeled a rascist.


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