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NYPD: Men Break into 45th Street Home, Take Off with Jewelry

Sunnyside Gardens

Sunnyside Gardens

Oct. 15, 2015 Staff Report

Two men broke into a Sunnyside Gardens house Monday and took off with jewelry, according to police.

The men kicked in the front door of a 45th Street house, located between Skillman and 39th Avenues, at between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm, according to police. They then went in and stole items such as earrings and necklaces, before fleeing through the front door, police said.

Neighbors reported hearing a large thud when the men broke into the house. They also said that the police have been canvassing the area asking questions about the break in.

The police said that the incident is still being investigated and that there have been no arrests.

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This is the 2nd robbery in a week on 45th, the other in an apartment building bet. Queens Blvd and 43rd ave. The police have to do more than sitting under the 7 train in a car!

Anonymous visitor

This was a pretty brazen act during broad daylight on Columbus Day,when a lot of people were probably away on vacationDid they notify Jimmy Van Bramers office?

Concerned citizen

I agree. I have seen police officers staring at their phones on multiple occasions. Personal cell phones appear to be a huge distraction.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Bratton seriously needs to get these beat cops to put away their iPhones and pay attention to what’s going on around them. This is ridiculous.

Gardens watcher

Foot patrols throughout the Gardens would be more effective than police sitting in parked vans on the avenues and the only way to see what’s going on in the courtyards. The LIC station is far away, so what about having a storefront post nearer to the northern boundary of the precinct?

Del Toro

Protect yourself because obviously police is sleeping, and this was done in broad daylight. Nice.
What to do?
1- Get cameras, it may not deter them, but at least you can post pictures all over town and let others know, maybe Police will see the pictures too
2- Get insured, renters insurance is not expensive. Once you have insurance, and you claim a good amount of money, believe me insurance will make police find these people.
3- For god’s sake, don’t store too much jewelery, cash, other too valuable stuff at home, and if you really have to, get a big heavy safe, they are only about $100 to $200 at Costco.

SunnysidePost, please share more info. How did they get into the house? Front door? Window? Was the front door smashed in?

Ducks Quack

The cops have pictures of the 2 perpetrators and even their car. at least 2 neighbors saw them and one of the neighbors rode around with the cops in hope of seeing them in the neighborhood.Del Toro, the questions you should be asking is why the cops have not released the identity of the criminals instead of mouthing of about common sense home security. Did you lift your suggestions from an Eighties publication when Dinkins was in office and crime was rampant?


we all know why……..come on dont be shy…..dont be scared to admit it. its those excommunicated Amish

Del Toro

Do you have links to those pictures? I saw pictures of an Asian person plastered around sunnyside for a while, what about these guys, why didn’t we hear about them in the neighborhood.


because Asians cause the least amount of crime of any group…..but we know who does cause most of the crime, people know and very soon political correctness will be dead in america, and the truth will come out daily!


How many of ‘those people’ live in Sunnyside Gardens? And how come people didn’t call the police when they heard the noise?


The police are worthless. Two officers stationed on 43rd avenue and 43 street on Tuesday. Community officers they are not mostly they were prefix to their telephones. Dipping into the laundromat because the noise on the street was too loud. On Monday a pd van was parked between 44 and 43 street and once again eyes focused on the phone and not her surrounds. I was barely hit by car that went through the light. When i brought it to her attention she said she couldn’t do anything because she didn’t see anything. Today’s police don’t have compassion or care.


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