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NYPD looks to call Sunnyside property manager in for questioning upon return to country

Outside the entrance of 47-55 39th Place

Aug. 30, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

The property manager of the Sunnyside building currently under investigation will be called in for questioning by the NYPD after he returns to the country, according to police.

The police are seeking to speak with Neal Milano, the property manager at 47-55 39th Place, at the first opportunity following a stalking complaint lodged against him. The complaint was made on July 13 by a 43-year-old woman, who alleges she was grabbed by Milano multiple times, which caused her alarm and annoyance.

As part of the investigation, the NYPD is looking into complaints regarding Milano and his behavior, and the conditions of the building, a police source said.

The NYPD said that three harassment complaints have been filed against Milano this year at the building, one made by a 46-year-old man, another by a 50-year-old man, and one more by a 29-year-old man.

Along with the three harassment complaints that name him, one harassment complaint was also filed by Milano himself as the victim after he had discussion with an individual that led to yelling and screaming, according to police.

NYPD sources also say that they have made telephone contact with Milano and his attorney regarding the July stalking complaint, but add that the investigation has been complicated by the fact that he has been out of the country.

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer joined by the NYC Commission on Human Rights announcing the start of an investigation into 47-55 39th Place.

Milano, who is set to return to the country this week, is also under investigation by the Commission on Human Rights after allegations of tenant harassment and discrimination. The New York State Attorney General also opened an investigation into the complaints of harassment made by the building’s residents, a spokesperson for the office confirmed.

A lawsuit was also filed against Milano and members of the building’s condo board in April by Lynn Calvacca, an attorney who owns two condos at the site. The suit lists several allegations of arbitrary fines and of harassing behavior against them, and points to Milano as the main “instigator” behind them.

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Florida Resident hiding from the people

Looking forward to seeing the despicable animal’s mugshot, going to update my YouTube channel with such image??

Easy E

Going to send some Trump stickers to Neal Milano when he is in Attica. Let him post them in his cell. Sunnyside is going to have great big party the day he gets sentenced for harassment, embezzlement, stalking and for civil rights violations. Celebrate good times come on???

Douche Bag Deluxe Charlie

108 Charlie I thought you were busy getting the booze for the party. You are the bartender. So stop yapping and get to the liquor store Skippy.


You got it Oscar…. good job….that’s way better than actually making any sort of argument within the context of this article….keep it up buddy….stay satisfied with you deep intellectual arguments,, way above anyone on this website,,

Fan of Dough boy park

Emboldened by Trump? Curious, a lot of people on here saying this behavior has been going on for years. Maybe the Simpsons episode ” Bart to the Future” from March 2000 emboldened him. Hopefully we can have a story about, I don’t know , fluffy kittens looking to be adopted, where we can’t blame all our problems we helped to create on a man president less then 8 months. You know, “personal responsibility “

Fan of doughboy park

Trump put the stickers up ,Bro? No he did not, and no matter who the Republican nomination was, those stickers were going up and apparently the entire block was gonna sit and take it. The block knows who is doing this FOR YEARS bro, long before Trump , but the snowflakes on here are desperate to blame Trump. Always Trump. Never themselves.


I hope this is the beginning of end for people like this, if you walk around sunnyside there are bunch of nutcases, let’s clean sunnyside of nutcases. Oh wait, I hope that’s not racism or discrimination. I bet his lawyer will argue that he is the victim, you watch and see. YOU WHAT? YOU WHAT? YOU WHAT? disgusting person.

King of PJ Horgans

Charwee why did you give Neal the keys to your Subaru…heard you are now an accessory to the escape of Neil. Hmm, better get off the sauce because they’re not going to allow you any booze in the slammer. Unless Nic sneaks a pint bottle in by hiding it you know where!

On the Lam

He is cruising the Pacific Coast Highway right now in 108 Charwee’s old Subaru. I think Charwee sold his soul for a bottle of Nightrain ripple and handed him the keys. That means he can possibly be an accessory in this case.

Fed Upp

And I would like to request fish tacos at the sentencing party. And Bart said he’ll bring the soda pop.

Another Southie Jailbird

I heard there isn’t a jail that he can’t break out of. I also heard he’s willing to put his parking spot up as collateral for bail money.

King of All Parking Spots

108 Charwee said the spot out front can be yours for one bottle of Wild Turkey a week. Wow Charwee must be a real booze hound !

Fed up

And let’s not forget that he has vandalized the property of numerous Sunnyside residents outside of his building (including me) with Trump stickers, even going as far as to trespass where he doesn’t belong in order to do this. Neal is a public nuisance and a mental case. Get him out of our lives once and for all. Finally!


Just wondering do you have proof he actually did it? Because the cops around here won’t do shit if you don’t.

108 Charlie

You need to stop by the 108 stationhouse and formally file a complaint. At least 3 of your neighbors already have. No need to be afraid of this asshole. You’ll also get an order of protecting that will result in his immediate arrest if he comes near you.

Bart Stone

Neal’s next trip is going to be to upstate NY for a long time. He’s going to look good in orange.

Preet Unit # 3B along with friends Snoop Dog and LL Cool J

he is under arrest according to NY 1 news, the stalking, harassing, terrorizer of 39th place is going to lose his gun permits and get his rental apartment searched. I hope I never see that despicable animal again in my life.


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