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New Owner Takes Reins at Skillman Grocery, While 47th Ave. Deli for Sale

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Sept. 23, 2012 By Bill Parry

Sunnyside Gardens Farm, a grocery store located at 46-01 Skillman Ave., was recently sold and the new owner took over last week.

Mario Cabrera bought the business for an undisclosed amount, ending the five year ownership of Talat Hayat (Sonny). Hayat sold the business in order to join the rest of his family in Cleveland.

Cabrera’s said his first order of business last week was slashing prices. He said the prices were too high and that many residents were not getting a fair deal—particularly with wine & beer. He promises a wider selection at lower prices.

Sunnyside Gardens Farm–which sells items such as fresh produce, gourmet food and wine & beer–is Cabrera’s first business. He has spent twenty-five years working in the restaurant and hospitality businesses.

The Bronx native discovered the grocery after conducting an Internet search for potential business opportunities.

“I looked at liquor stores, [grocery] markets and even gas stations,” Cabrera said. However, “I saw this neighborhood and the store—and its potential.”

Cabrera plans to move to Sunnyside with his wife, Glenda. “We’re ecstatic to be here,” he said.

In other news, a grocery store located on 47th Ave is up for sale.

Norberto Ramis, who owns 47 Deli & Grocery, has decided to sell his store after running it for 25-years. He said he wants to leave the business and join his family.

“My family is all in Reading [Penn.] and I want to be with them,” he said.

His business, located at 47-04 47th Ave, has been on the market for about three weeks, and he said that he has already received some interest from potential buyers. He said his business is doing well, helped by being next door to Lavanderis Laundry, a popular Laundromat.

“I have the best customers… and I will miss them a lot,” Ramis said. “Everybody cries when they hear I’m leaving.”

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you all make me laugh

One of the Micro Brews. Don’t recall the brewer. Didn’t seem bad after a $70 happy hour tab for the Mrs. And Me across the street at Claret.


@you all make me…

If I put a six pack on the counter and they told me it was 18 bucks, I’d leave it there and walk out. Not even the fancy imports are worth that much.

you all make me laugh

They jacked up the beer prices by anywhere from 20-33%. I’m guessing it’s because the Indian restaurant is BYOB. I learned my lesson after spending $18 on a six pack there…

Clinton Langosch

Good to hear. I bought a bottle of Hennepin there. That SHOULD run someone anywhere from $7.99 to $12 max. After checking out and leaving the store, I realized I had paid $15.99 for the bottle. That’s plain ol’ crazy. Those aren’t even Manhattan prices.


@Oppressed Masses

What have you noticed MET raise prices on and what constitutes a significant increase to you?

Oppressed Masses

I hope the new owners can provide competition on basic items to the Met Foods on 44th St. and 43rd Ave., which has significantly increased prices since Pathmark closed. Good luck to the Cabrera family.


I have enjoyed shopping at Sunnyside Garden Farm these last five years. Lower prices and wider selection would be great but I hope the convenient hours, friendly serivce and attractive choice of good quality products will also remain. Good Luck to Mr. Cabrera and welcome to the neighborhood, Mario and Glenda.

Marilyn S.


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