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New Art Gallery/Custom Furniture Store to Open on Skillman

The new location of Apolloina Art Emporium (Photo: SunnysidePost)

April 2, 2014 By Christian Murray

A new art gallery/custom-made furniture store will be opening at 48-14 Skillman Avenue where Comic Book Heaven was formerly located.

The store, which will be called Apolloina Art Emporium, will be selling art ranging in price from $50 to $5,000. It will also showcase custom-made furniture built from 150-year-old wood.

A section of the new store will be devoted to art, where paintings and photography will be on display. These works will come from international and local artists.

Garry O’Callaghan, the owner of the store, said he will be reaching out to local art groups soon about their interest in displaying their work. He said he will take a commission on every piece that sells at his store.

Meanwhile, O’Callaghan, a carpenter who plans on opening the store in June, said he will be displaying his furniture inside the store. People will be able to see it and ask for it to be built to specification. Much of his furniture comes with a distressed-wood look.

O’Callaghan will have a workshop downstairs where he will construct it.

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APOLLO COULD SKATEBOARD BETTER THAN ANY OTHER DOG I SEEN,,as for the shop…………the beer authority…lillys…murphys…francois tavern and now an outlet for other peoples visions….all from the same source,not just a carpenter,but a mainstream visionary and art enthusiast….genius Gary..keep up the good work

Doug Condon

As an artist and member of SunnysideArtists I think that it is great to see an art gallery open, especially if local artists will be shown. Stray Vintage, right across the street, already shows some works by locals but another venue is a great thing!

House of O'Shea

This is a great addition. Anyone that complains about price, has not truly experienced eight way handtied string seating in their life. Hand made in america by truly trained craftsmen. Recently had a 46 year old chair reupholstered. Its strings are still in place!


This guy has been designing Bar and restaurants all over the city. Can’t wait to see what he does with furniture. A great addition to the neighborhood.


nope, nothing negative to say here. This is actually a good idea .Only art around us is the shitty prints you find at Michaels .


Look forward to visiting next time in Queens. I’m familiar with O Callaghans work and it’s top notch


Good furniture! Yeah! I hope he has some kind of cabinetry for a bathroom, I want to surround my inset medicine cabinet with covered shelving for all those little things I use at the sink.


Hope he does a good business!!
Just back from a walk around the neighborhood! Looking good! Sidewalks were mostly poop free!! SUDS doing a great job!
Sunnyside on the up and up baby!!

Celtic Bark

The name sounds like some greek gift shop in Astoria that sells statues of Aphrodite and Zeus. Might want to consider a name change.

Spam, egg, sausage and spam

He really needs to do what a lot of businesses fail to do properly when they open – publicize, promote, come up with some special deal or giveaways etc. Maybe for every art purchase over a certain amount, get a free coffee or pastry, or drink at one of the nice cafes and pubs on Skillman or something like that. Good way for businesses to promote each other. Be creative.

And get the word out beyond Sunnyside because, for of business of this nature, I doubt there are enough locals with enough money to support it.


Sounds great we need a few upmarket stores on Skillman
The people in the neighborhood will appreciate a fine arts and custom furniture emporium,
It will enhance the other stores on the block .


Sounds good. I don’t really care where it’s located. I’m just glad it is not another trendy ultra modern business or venue.

Dorothy Morehead

This is great! There are so many wonderful artists in Sunnyside with few opportunities to display their work. has done a great job with their annual art fair at Queen of Angels and juried shows. A permanent space to display art and sell on consignment should be a big help. It also is another attraction on Skillman Avenue. I hope sculpture and ceramic arts are included.

sooz perry

Well , this Northsider isn’t cheap, but is an art lover , an avid museum goer and has a passion for interior design. So, despite the negative comment about how this place will fail, I look forward to supporting the new business and purchasing items from this shop.

gren morison

doubt it would last, people in sunnyside are cheap and cant afford pricy furniture especially on the north side of queens blvd, might have a better chance if it was maybe on queens blvd or even Astoria it might work

fran bruno

speaking of ART in your column, have you seen the Portrait of Pope Francis in th lobby of St. Sebastians Church. My husband Tony Bruno painted it and donated it to the Church. He has been painting portraits for years. A few years ago he donated a portrait of Pope Benedict,and this one hangs in the Parish center. He feels that god has given him this gift and he says he can never do enough to give thanks.
Yours Truly

Fran Bruno

43rd & 43rd

Sounds pricey. Even on Skillman I’m not sure it can last. But it also sounds attractive. Good luck!


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