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Murphy’s Bar, on Skillman, Reopens After Renovation

July 10, 2011 By Christian Murray

Murphy’s Bar, a Skillman Ave. fixture, reopened on Friday evening after a major renovation.

The bar had been closed for two months as its owner Mike Murphy transformed the Irish watering hole into a more professional and modern establishment.

The days of the pool table and darts in a dark bar are over. Murphy has remodeled the space by replacing part of an exterior wall with a large window, completely renovating the bar and replacing the wooden tables and stools.

Murphy said he plans to introduce craft beers, offer Paninis and hummus, as well as a wine list and cocktail menu. He said that there will be a formal grand opening at the bar (located at 48-20 Skillman Ave.) in about two weeks.

He said that he was inspired to do the renovation because the Sunnyside/Woodside area had changed. “In the last four years many young professional couples have moved here. The neighborhood has really come up and I decided I had to upgrade.”

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Great but wish the noise level with karaoke would stop at a certain time. Not everyone stays out until 2am. People need sleep. Thank you.


Glad all of you are so happy. Guess that is why the owner invested in the business .Brilliant idea on his part. now we have to get him some business. Now to advertise on this site and bring in more people. How about some entertaiment of a wine tasting night or a beer tasting night for the new beers that you are bringing in.

Good luck to you hope you make millions!


Wow, what a difference for the better. Love everything about Murphy’s (new) Bar and just one block away to walk home.


Stopped by yesterday to have a couple of pints of Draught Guinness and was very impressed with the look and feel and the friendly people enjoying the new place. Mr. Murphy was in at the time and provided my friend with a shot of Jameson on the house. By the way the new and very improved Murphy’s Bar is @ the corner of49th Street and Skillman Avenue and not anywhere near where ‘Randall’ (comentor #2) goes for late night street brawls. Murphy’s Bar sits right in the heart of Sunnyside Gardens. The place to go.


@ Mike Noval,

Ahh Mike, those were the days my friend?! Darts on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. I miss Joxer Daly’s and the crowd!

Rocky Balboa

I wish the Brogue would do an upgrade also. Seems kind of uninviting although the people who work there are nice.

Sunnyside Up

Excellent decision to clear the place up and upgrade it. Yes, the old is charming most of the times but a dark, no identity place has no charm however you put it. Sunnyside has great potential and it seems that people and restaurant/bar owners are starting to realize it. We need more restaurants and definitely more cafes in this area. Also, please open a bookstore…long time needed.


On one hand, it’s a little sad that Murphy’s would feel compelled to “upgrade” to accommodate a younger, yuppier crowd. The old-school watering holes give Sunnyside charm. On the other hand, I’m 100 percent more likely to go to Murphy’s post-upgrade. (As Oppressed Masses said, the cloud of smoke and dark lightening aren’t exactly inviting.) Best of luck to Murphy’s—I’ll be in soon!

Oppressed Masses

Hopefully, the new Murphy’s will move the crowd of cigarette smokers away from the front door, maybe down to Queens Blvd. Nothing more unappealing than having to pass through a haze of cigarette smoke to enter into a pub or restaurant. Otherwise, I look forward to stopping by for a pint.


sounds like a great upgrade. looking forward to seeing what types of craft beers they offer. the more nice spots in the area the merrier! I’ll be stopping in after work to check it out soon.


@Mike Novak

I’ve always wondered who was the first one to think that the consumption of alcohol and the throwing of sharp projectiles in a crowded and confined space was a good combination.


I don’t know what is going on for sure, but several nights at dawn I have heard local “yuts” screaming and cursing between Skillman and 43rd Avenue, probably after some of the bars close. The language – the use of the fbomb and the “n” word is disgusting and there are the usual threats of violence. I have called 911 but by the time the operator asks “do they have weapons”, the perps have moved on. I wish the 108th would patrol that area near closing time. I can hear them from the top floor, I am sure that other people can as well.


Went in yesterday and its brilliant!
The new decor and open windows makes it very inviting.

Look forward to stoppin by again!


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