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MTA Bus Crashes Into Bagel Plus on Woodside Avenue Early Sunday

April 8, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

An MTA bus slammed through the front of a bagel shop on Woodside Avenue early Sunday morning.

The Q18 bus, which was traveling south on 58th Street at Woodside Avenue, ran into Bagels Plus, located at 57-20 Woodside Ave at 5:32 a.m on April 7, the MTA said.

According to the MTA, a speeding car went through a red light and struck the bus on its side, causing the bus to swerve off the road and strike the building.

MTA says the bus driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his wrist and foot.

Two customers on board the bus reported injuries and were treated and released at the scene.

The employees in the bagel shop were working out back and none were hurt by the incident. There were no customers in the store at the time.

Police say the Department of Buildings has been notified and the investigation remains ongoing.

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My wife always wants bagels from this place but Nature’s Vida clearly has better ones. Happy this will give me an excuse to have edible bagels for a change.


That intersection is *very* poorly controlled, in terms of crossing guards and traffic lights. The crossing guards are very passive and often take breaks when kids are walking to the school across the street. The traffic lights are poorly coordinated and change very quickly. They need some safety barriers on the sidewalk at that intersection!

Most mornings, there are many many kids and working folks in there enjoying breakfast. We are lucky this happened on a Sunday at the crack of dawn, not a weekday at 8am.


The whole triangle of Woodside Ave, Roosevelt Ave, and 58th St, and the adjacent 59th St, needs much better traffic control and barriers.

A motorcycle hit a woman at that intersection just last year (2018):

A school bus slammed into Pizza Boy II restaurant at Woodside & 59th in 2014, injuring 17 people (15 kids on the bus):

In total here have been 13 cyclists, 7 motorists, and 4 pedestrians injured at 58th & Roosevelt from 2011-2019. In the same time range, 2 cyclists, 2 motorists, and 1 pedestrian were injured at 59th & Roosevelt.

In the same set of years, “only” 5 pedestrians, 7 cyclists, & 13 motorists were injured in Columbus Circle, for example.

A Woodsider

This intersection has always been a problem. People, cars, bikes, trucks, seem to “go crazy” there. I always feel bad for the crossing guards, trying to gain order trying to keep everyone safe. Maybe the lights and turns signals could be better coordinated? Something has to be done there before people are killed. Wasn’t someone killed there recently?

Woodside Al

Sad time for the hard-working folks and their employees who run that store, and for the many people from the community who fill it up every morning or just pop in for some quick breakfast or lunch. I hope that the owners can get back on their feet and rebuild and reopen soon. It is a good thing that this accident didn’t happen a few hours later, when that store is always very busy, or we would be talking about multiple fatalities today.

Joseph Graziano

I’ve been a woodside resident for 66 yrs. Such accidents are getting more common. The intersections are too dangerous. The city needs to take notice, and do something.


The city needs to enforce existing laws. I don’t live here, but visit a couple of months each year. I’m appalled at some of the drivers’ behavior. U-turns in the middle of Woodside Avenue at 61st? Left turns from the right lane? And the concept of not going into an intersection unless you are 100% sure you will make it through is something that no one ever seems to have thought of.

Carbie Barbie

Glad the injuries were minor…

What’s the chance the accident could prompt them to start getting better bagels in?


Glad it happened when it did. not when school was in session and kids where in the store.

No bagels for Sunnyside/Woodside until it behaves

Someone’s gotta over there and demand no safety enhancements and in 2 years they can be Woodsider of the Year


“Just put up a sign that says don’t make buses crash into the bagel store. We can do so much by doing so little.”


The driver must have been a homeless person of course. Also bus didn’t have Alexa. So Amazon’s fault too.


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