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Woman Struck by Motorcyclist at 58th Street and Roosevelt Avenue: NYPD

via Citizen

June 22, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Police are responding to a scene in Woodside where a woman was struck by a motorcyclist earlier today.

A woman, whose age was not disclosed, was hit by the motorcycle some time around 3 p.m. at the intersection of 58th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, a NYPD spokesperson said.

The woman has been taken to an area hospital with serious injuries, but is listed as “not likely” to succumb to her injuries, police said. Another person was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to the FDNY, but it is unclear if the other person was the motorcyclist. It is also unclear if the motorcyclist left the scene.

Photo by Kevin Moran. Photo edited to protect victim’s identity.

Photos and video posted to social media show an ambulance and other FDNY and NYPD cars at the intersection, directly in front of Saint Sebastian Roman Catholic Church. In one photo posted to Facebook by Kevin Moran, one of the victims appears to be laying on the ground as responding personnel prepare to carry her into a stretcher.

A user who streamed from the accident site via the Citizen app also appears to show blood on the roadway.

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There is usually a crossing guard at this corner. ??? Always has been a dangerous place to cross. Vehicles, people rarely pay attention, always in a hurry. Hope all recover quickly.


Why all the down arrows? You are absolutely correct. Cars here just don’t care…

Safety first

This is about 400ft. from the DOT’s traffic calming plan for Sunnyside. Perhaps it should be extended when implemented to include calming for Roosevelt under the 7 line.

Please continue reporting on injuries in the Sunnyside Woodside area. Safety is a real problem here.

Immoral Society

These people don’t care. Cars and parking over safety and clean air. The dopes of this community have spoken! They’re saying. . . Yeah… we don’t care if we’re stupid… we got cars!!!


That area has always been a crossing hazard. It is where 58th Street, Roosevelt Ave. and Woodside Ave. all intersect, a crazy 8 corner intersection with 2 bus stops. It has nothing to do with bike lanes – bike lanes would make it worse. This is the type of situation that DOT should be dealing with, and also the bus depot they have made on the street at 61st Street, instead of bike lanes.


Anonymous- You’re obsessed…Do you wake up asking what JVB thinks you should be wearing? Eating?!? You’re twisted.

Kremden's Delicious Marshall

I bet JVB is against people getting run over in traffic. I’ve talked to him and he’s never mentioned liking people getting run over.


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