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Mexican Restaurant on Greenpoint Ave. to Open First Week of October


Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 20, 2015 By Christian Murray

A Mexican restaurant will be opening on the corner of 47th Street and Greenpoint Avenue where Bliss Street Station had been located for more than 25 years.

The restaurant, called Chihuahuh, is expected to open at the 47-02 Greenpoint Ave. location during the first week of October.

The new owners consist of three family members who have a long history in running Spanish restaurants.

Alejandro Nava, 36, who owns the Spanish restaurant Café Ole in Astoria, is one of the owners—along with his two uncles Lino Nava, 38, and Alfonso Nava, 40.

The three men immigrated to the United States from Mexico at different times when each was around 10 years old. They have all lived in Astoria ever since.

Alejandro said that his friend owns the Greenpoint Ave. property and when he heard that Bliss Street Station was not renewing its lease they decided to take over the space.

He said their goal is to open a “trendy Mexican restaurant” for the wider community that will offer traditional Mexican food at affordable prices.

There will be modern Mexican music, sport on TV, weekend brunch and drink specials.

“This will be a Mexican restaurant but it will be for everyone and it will be nice,” Alejandro said.

The menu will be 100 percent Mexican, he said, with burritos, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole and everything people would expect. The bar will offer a full range of cocktails—from margaritas to the Cuban-inspired Mojito.

Alejandro said that they are waiting to install a charcoal grill and are likely to get the Department of Buildings to sign off on it fairly soon. That is what is holding them up from opening.

The name of the restaurant was not inspired by the famous Mexican dog. Alejandro said the name was selected based on the city where the dog comes from.

He said that many people are attached to Chihuahua City since it is rich in Mexican tradition.

“It is where you will find people wearing sombreros and Mariachi,” he said.


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I was sad to see my favorite bar in Sunnyside close. But I will def check this place out. Hey I hope it is a great success so I have a new place to hang!

king henrik

Yes ,i agree, F you sir walter. You should be ashamed. You came here and were sad!!! What makes you better than anyone else . You act like you lowered your high standards by moving in to our neighborhood. I guess you were 1st class on the titanic, and we were the steerage. Well guess what mr high and mighty, they all went down with the ship ,1st class and 3rd class, all sunk the same. Go back to the city, You sound like a preppie snob. You probably weren’t even born in N.Y. as far as the restaurant goes, good luck to the new business but i also agree, a horrible choice of a name for a food establishment. Unless im not getting it because im not Latino. But its like naming a butcher shop doberman meats. Woof!


For all of those commenting on the name of the place,
It’s the name of a town in Mexico. My grandmother is from there. And I’m happy to say that after trying this place out last night, I will be a frequent visitor. Mi Nuevo Rancho doesn’t hold a candle to this place. I’m Mexican through and through. First generation American that grew up in East LA. My childhood consisted of going to Mexico regularly for the food with my family. This place is top notch and very legit.


My Grandfather is from Chihuahua, and my father is from Boyle Heights. Very interesting, and thank you for explaining to those who may not know that Chihuhua is a city in Mexico. I like this place very much as well. Big Love for Sunnyside!

Joe at the Berkley

@Sir Walter What a condescending post. Sunnyside was never a sad neighborhood, well until a snob from the UWS arrived. WOW you sound like a totally obnoxious jerk. You know very little of the neighborhood you’re speaking of. Do us all a favor and go back to the UWS or the cultural wasteland you’re originally from.

Sunnyside Nostalgia

I’m actually very happy with Mi Nuevo Rancho. So hipsters stay over there in your trendy Mexican spot. I’ll be eating good authentic Mexican at the regular spot.

Mistake Police

The article says the place is named “Chihuahuh” but if you look at the lettering it actually ends in a large “A”

terrbile sign, really really bad, even the author got it wrong.


I googled the restaurant to see how it was going and I found this post. so this reply is long overdue. but, yeah? bad sign? it took days to finish, being under the hot sun, being afraid of the height of the scaffold, and hand painted down to each curve. awesome how someone can just belittle work they don’t know the process of. probably comfortable at home writing that huh. I would love to see your work since this sign is so below your standards.
-sincerely, the girl who made this sign

Sir Walter Raleigh

When my wife and I first moved to Sunnyside Gardens here from the UWS of Manhattan in 2000 we were shocked to see the sad little neighborhood we had moved into but we did see the potential so we stayed. we now live in a vibrant Neighborhood that welcomes all people including the hipsters so to all of you who the want the bad old days of seeing the drunks up and Down Queens BLVD I say to you move.


Why does Murray refer to it as a “Spanish” restaurant? Wouldn’t a Spanish restaurant serve paella and tapas? While they do speak Spanish in Mexico, the restaurant is “Mexican”.


The restaurants they currently own or operate offer Spanish cuisine. (i.e. not Greek, Italian or Mexican…but from the nation of Spain)

worlds last aol user

good luck but thats a seriously bad name.

even if was the right spelling of the dog breed, this one spelled this way is even worse.


The only thing hinting at hipsters in this article was the word “trendy” and all they meant by that is “popular.” It sounds like a traditional Mexican restaurant where the menu is in English. Calm yourself… I did get a kick out of “hipster turkey derby” though.


perfect! a “trendy mexican restaurant,” aka “one more hipster turkey derby trying to take over our neighborhood again.” we really do need another place where we can feel comfortable having a mustache and wearing an 1890s bathing shirt whilst we sip on cocktails that are named after cuss words. heck, maybe VH1 can film an episode of “dating naked” in this most local of hipster clown cars. can’t wait. sheesh. return to sender.

Sunnyside local

Sad to see that bliss street is gone. But I wish the new restaurant the very best of luck. I love Mexican food so will defiantly be a customer


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