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Meng Seeks Constitutional Amendment to Lower Voting Age to 16

Feb. 4, 2021 By Christian Murray

Congresswoman Grace Meng has introduced legislation that aims to lower the voting age in the United States to 16 years old.

The measure seeks to replace the 26th amendment and permit 16 and 17-year olds to vote.

The amendment would require passage by two thirds of the House and Senate and then ratification by three-fourths of the nation’s state legislatures.

“Our young people, including 16-and 17-year-olds, continue to fight and advocate for so many issues that they are passionate about from guy safety to the climate crisis,” Meng said in a statement. “It’s time to give them a voice in our democracy by permitting them to be heard at the ballot box.”

Meng notes that 16 and 17-year olds are legally permitted to work and drive, and also pay federal income taxes.

The last time that the voting age was lowered was in 1971, when it went from 21 to 18.

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Here is a better idea

Make mandatory military service a requirement with no exceptions or exemptions to all when they hit 18. These kids are in desperate need of discipline and respect and they’re not learning it at home or online.


really? since when have sixteen year olds shown ANY CONSCIOUS LOGIC when it comes do the decisions of the direction of THEMSELVES, much less the direction of the COUNTRY???
srsly, these are the kids who find themselves pregnant or worse… they cant judge for themselves how can they judge for others?

I LIKE MENG but she’s out of her gourd now!

Most of the Capitol rioters were very young

Do you really want the people at Trump’s riots to be voting?

Gardens Watcher

I remember writing an essay in grade school supporting the change from 21 to 18. If you were old enough to go to Vietnam, then you should be old enough to vote. 16 though?


This is a troubling development for all hardworking 15-year-olds who are continued to be disenfranchised! Everyone should be able to vote so long as they are old enough to hold a spoon!

Larry Penner

Why not lower the age for holding public office, be it City Council, Boro President, Comptroller, Mayor, State Assembly, State Senate, Governor and of course Congress as well. Old enough to vote, old enough to hold public office. I hope this was just an early April Fools joke on her part.
Larry Penner


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