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McDonald’s Closes Woodside Store, Landlord Wants New Tenant at $7,000 per Month


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Dec. 29, 2015 By Christian Murray

McDonald’s closed its Woodside location recently and the property owner is looking to rent out the 1,200 square foot space for $7,000.

The store, a McDonald’s Express, was located at 57-25 Roosevelt Avenue, and the closure appeared sudden. In June, a representative of the business went before Community Board 2’s Land Use Committee to renew its enclosed sidewalk café—which the board signed off on.

The corporation did announce in June that it would be closing several US restaurants in 2015. The New York Times reported at the time that McDonald’s planned on closing more US stores than opening this year, the first time since 1970 that there would be an overall decline.

Chris Pappas, an agent with Douglas Elliman, is leasing the property. He said that the property owner was disappointed when McDonald’s left.

He said the space is not large like a typical McDonald’s location, since the Woodside location only had a limited number of seats.

Pappas said the base rent is $7,000 per month plus taxes and maintenance.

A spokesperson at McDonalds was unable to immediately comment on why the store closed.




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Big NeL

All I can say is everyone here and out in the streets who has something negative to say about the way the old neighborhood is now and how the landlords or your officials or the hipsters and yuppies are taking over and ruining it; Shut up and do something about.

You’re free to protest as well as free to vote for your city and town leaders. So shut up, quit your bitching and if you don’t like it get up, get out and do something. Do what other much more smarter groups do, which is take it over, (rent/own) and then help your neighbor do the same. (it’s not about race- just your next door neighbor who’s kids will be playing and going to school along side yours) And before you know it we’ll have the old mom and pop stores back which will have the towns backing. But only buy from them like the other groups do. Stop buying from online retailers or big box and only shop where you can see the money trickle back to your neighborhood.

skills man

this is good. better to support local mom and pops–otts burgers are the best and not that much more expensive. same for donovons, saints and cuckoos. better and more impt to go these places eat.

Dee Vee

I will miss McDonalds, but lets face it, the food is to high in fat and obviously not healthy. The bagel shop next door is a rip off, I pay less for a bagel & coffee in the city than I do in that shop (that place needs a good cleaning too!).. Starbucks, way to expensive and I prefer Dunkin Donuts (so glad they opened one up in the neighborhood) God knows we dont need anymore bars….there’s about 7 bars within a 5 block radius….I think we need a good Fish Market…… yeah a good Fish Market !! LOL


No it’s not. We don’t need f’in junk food. We need a place like whole foods market express or a trader joe. Or a Starbucks type coffee gelato shop.
I despise Starbucks as their coffee is nasty. But I do like their couches.


No I’m too old to be a hipster. But I do love Wfm and TJ”s
I’m a middle aged dude who likes the finer things in life.
Another health food store would be awesome.
A gym would be awesome too. Those two things are severely lacking here in Woodside.


Maybe The Real Donald will deport your ass back over the border when he becomes president, you jerk!

JJ Joseph

I owe my long life to Macdonalds coffee, and their cheeseburgers for 61 years since I discovered Macdonalds in NH in 1954. F*ck the whole foods crowd. Macdonalds is for real people.

I hate Mcds and people old like you

Ja fu3! I will petition Wfm to bring a Wfm express just for your belligerence.
Your arteries are nicely clogged I bet too with all the trans fats the nasty Mcds was using prior to 2013 when Tf was banned

JJ Joseph

Thank you your spirited defense of the whole foods losers. They need it!


How does a remark like this escape the moderator ? Maybe the Sunnyside list is racist against Irish folks too?


No it means you are a douchebag punk. Maybe you can apologize to Irishgal for your racist remark ? Oh yeah why didn’t the Sunnyside post remove this racist remark?


Hey diickey
guy stop using racial slurs against us Irish.
You probably a very Ooglie guy who came over the border and Donald trump wants to deport
Woodside is still Irish as Is Sunnyside.
And here is a guide to all the nasty anti Irish slurs and Someone like you shouldn’t be allowed to post on the Sunnyside post.
Hopefully the mod will delete Your racist rant.

Sean O

Yes….very sad and…. Can’t the landlords see the empty stores starting to dot the landscape? $7000.00 per month? plus taxes…water…etc? I don’t think the restaurant replacing the ” Bliss” has sold one taco….really hope Jon and Pat can make a go of the Alcove

Sean Ogre

Sean, are we related ? I second your thoughts on Alcove and will make it a point to support the new establishment. 7000 a month, imo, isn’t a new opportunity. I think it’s a ticket to slaving for a landlord.

Chris P. Bacon

Can you tell me more about Alcove? I’m always looking for new places to eat. Thanks.


Oh yeah of course so all the Cheapos can buy cheap stuff. No Thanks
You don’t see any 99 cents stores I. Manhattan. Wtf would we want another 99 cents atore here ? They make the hood worse than it is

Long-time Sunnysider

Dear Joe mama, the Sunnyside neighborhood really does not require more 99 cents stores, nail salons, Irish-American bars. We have all seen many great local stores and resturants (our only movie theatre) close due to landlord’s requests for outrageous rental increases. The corner of 43rd Street and Queen’s Blvd. has now been standing vacant for over two years. If this property was so desirable, it should have been developed by now.


Joe – I am sorry that your sarcasm was too difficult for some people to realize. What you said is the equivalent of saying in Manhattan, “How about opening a bank or a Duane Reade there” 😉

*Although I have to admit that a TD Bank down the block from me, in that spot would be cool and the 99 cent ATM at McD’s was a plus. Living so close I do miss being able to run out for less than five minutes in the middle of cooking dinner to pick up a forgotten ingredient since the loss of Big Boy and Long Chen. I’d totally take a produce store there.

Hail satan

A terrible loss for the neighborhood. So many happy memories in this place. Bliss,Murphys, horgans and now this! Hipsters are killing this neighborhood!

The rope

Hipsters aren’t moving to sunnyside. If you want to see a hipster, hop on the B61 bus and check out greenpoint, Williamsburg, fort Greene, bush wick, bed study, prospect heights, park slope, etc. yes, the neighborhood is changing… I’ve been here a very long time. But developers and commercial land lords that are holding out for a big pay day are driving up the rents, as are congestion and lack of housing (simple supply and demand). We are close to manhattan. Change is coming, but it’s a cycle in this city, so don’t worry… If you are lucky enough to live long enough, you’ll see it get sh1tty again!

Chris P. Bacon

Agreed 100%. Landlords hike up the prices and they sit vacant looking depressed. If McD can’t make it here what chance does a mom & pop have? Or art studio for kids?
I don’t mind change if for the better.

I hate Mcds and people old like you

Terrible. ? Nah good riddance I say. Who needs overpriced garbage. Shake shack and whole foods and Ottomanelli are killing mcd. That’s why they closed. I’m sure as soon as Otto opened their burger joint that’s when they started losing cash bigtime

Oldschool Sunnysider

Ottomanelli’s Burger is a great concept, but the big kid in the kitchen spends more time on his cellphone than on the grill. No concept of what “medium” means, no concept of consistent quality. SWING!!!….AND A MISS!!!


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