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Man Gets Robbed inside Woodside Hotel Room

March 1, 2016 Staff Report

A man who told by police that he was robbed by a woman in a Queens Blvd hotel room last week was destined for a surprise after thinking he was in for a good time.

The 43-year-old victim met the alleged perpetrator near 82nd Street and Roosevelt Ave on Feb. 22. The two decided to go back to the suspect’s room in the Metro Motel, located at 73-00 Queens Blvd, according to police.

However, after the victim made the report to police that he was robbed and had his hand slashed by the woman in the hotel room, police discovered through hotel surveillance that the suspect was in fact a man.

The suspect is believed to be Gilbert Blake, 34, a 5’ 8’ 160lbs man, according to police.

The victim claimed that when the pair reached the motel room at about 4:30 am there was another man waiting in the room, identified as Adam Arenas, 31, according to the NYPD.

Blake then allegedly slashed the victim’s hand before taking his cell phone and an undetermined amount of cash. Blake and Arenas then fled the motel, the NYPD said.

The victim was taken to Elmhurst General Hospital where he was treated and released.

Arenas has since been arrested.

Police have released a photo of Blake and are asking anyone with any information as to his whereabouts to call 1-800-577-TIPS.

The initial headline has been changed. It was distasteful.

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Wake Up and Fight For Your Neighborhood

Although this post has nothing to do with Sunnyside specifically, the subtle message behind it is that this is what you can expect to be going on with all the new hotel/motels sprouting up all over our neighborhood.

You don’t think so?

Go to the next community board meeting and ask Capt Travaglia to give you a copy of the statistics that the 108th & neighboring pct’s have compiled of the “internet sex ads” that are based out of all the existing hotel/motels in the area.

You won’t be happy with what you see!

Women, men and transgendered prostitutes & an assortment of other sex categories are running rampant in ALL of these places.
The statistics suggest that there’s now more prostitution etc.. here than in Manhattan due to less awareness/care by hotel staff.

It’s not new either, it’s been going on for years under your noses.

Wake up people!!! The more attention this gets, means more will be done to stop it. There’s enough seedy people coming into Sunnyside already with no good on their mind.


Think it does all area communities good to know what’s happening and keep an eye out. Burying your head in the sand is an ignorant way to live. Same goes for the ‘trans-phobic’ talk. As another poster pointed out, criminals come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities AND sexualities. We might all need to grow up a little.


Any other crimes not in Sunnyside we should know about? I heard a guy in Astoria ran a stop sign.


trashy, trashy, trashy. Why is this on a Sunnyside community post? I don’t understand.

Politically Incorrect

Transphobia? Stick that political correctness up your asses. He damn sure ain’t a woman and no one has to pretend he is one to keep your little fantasy world in tact.


This email smacks of transphobia and I can’t for a second imagine what it has to do with people living in Sunnyside and wanting to read a post about what’s going on IN SUNNYSIDE. I agree, take this post down. It’s inappropriate.


No its not inapprpriate, get over it! Its news and the fact that Blake may be Trans is a part of the story whether you like it or not!!!! 82nd st and Roosevelt area has always been a trans prostitute pick up site, SINCE the 80’s Ive seen them many times myself. Sorry trans community but like any other community you too have to accept the good, the bad and the UGLY!!!

Just asking

How do you know that this was an actual trans person and not a guy who simply dresses up like a women to trick dopes into getting robbed? Especially since he goes by the name Gilbert Blake?


of course there is. what, you think you’re better than me…you think you’re better than me?

Jason Scalucci

Take down a news item because you think it’s transphobia even though a man dressed as a woman was involved? This is the USA, not Syria, Iran or Russia. Totally ridiculous!


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