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Man Threatens 20-Year-Old Woman with Box Cutter in Woodside, Police Say


Suspect (NYPD)

Jan. 9, 2016 Staff Report

A 20-year-old woman was threatened by a man in Woodside with a box cutter last month, according to police.

The police released a picture of the alleged suspect today who they say approached the victim from behind around 6:30 pm on Dec. 19 while she was walking on 43rd Avenue (by 58th Street) and put his arm around her shoulders.

The woman allegedly pushed the suspect away who then threatened her with a box cutter and told her to come with him.

A man who happened to be driving by in his car saw what was going on and stopped and asked the victim if she was OK, according to police.

The victim then screamed and the suspect fled. There were no reported injuries.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

Map of area

GMap of area

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Claude Valentine

Come on fellow Sunnyside/Woodside residents!! You all have not reach the minimum amount of racist comments and remarks!! I truly wished to comment one had to link your Facebook page … Or maybe I should find a way to expose all the racist and obnoxious people in here by printing those email addresses and posting them publicly… Behave fellow neighbors

Grim Reaper

Another tenant of the Pan Am motel !
And save your geography lessons, you think these tenants are sitting in the motel 24/7 ? They’re out infiltrating Woodside & Sunnyside, buying their drugs over near Hart park, robbing people’s homes, mugging the elderly etc…
There’s nothing to steal from the other residents of the motel/homeless shelter, so they’re coming for you & your belongings.
It’s getting so much worse than you realize folks.

irish lassy

what a stupid, rude and a smart ass of an answer that was — you are a very cruel individual —


@luvu2 Strange Irish Lsssy never identified the person her post was directed at.Are you posting under Irish Lassy as well? I noticed you never denied the accusation from Barbara under the other article. What’s up with your creepy obsession with Rachel Maddow? I think you have some repressive issues to deal with.

irish lassy

This was directed to you “Mac” — what a stupid, rude and a smart ass of an answer that was — you are a very cruel individual —


-Irish Lassy luvu2 whatever you’re calling yourself ..And you’re a very stubborn and stupid individual who honestly believes just repeating misinformation will turn it true..


I wonder if the guy posting under the name “N’Cheese” bows and prays to Fox News five times a day?


Hey Mac u r an ignorant and racist so and so, she had a sketch artist draw a picture so there!

Craic Dealer

That’s too much of a slippery slope. The best is a neighborhood watch. Once Sunnyside is know to viciously beat criminals caught in the act and leave them for the NYPD to fill out their paperwork it’ll send a message to future criminals to avoid the area.


I hope the female victim wasn’t Irish Lassy..there would be a real problem with identifying the perp and actual location of the crime.


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