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Man Survives–After Being Struck by Train at 46th Street Station

June 24, 2013 Staff Report

A No. 7 train subway rider was rushed to the hospital Monday morning after walking into the side of a Flushing-bound 7 train at the 46th Street/Bliss subway station, officials said.

The accident occurred at about 8:25 a.m. when the man was hit by the train. According to sources, the man was alert after being struck and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition.

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David in Sunnyside

He was clearly not 100% to begin with.

I saw him as I came up the stairs. He was dirty and wearing ragged clothes. He seemed out of it and was staggering about at the top of the stairs. When the train was arriving he went out of sight and I heard a loud boom. When I reached the platform someone told me he had lurched into the side of the moving train.

I waited with the gentleman while my wife spoke to the 911 operator. I kept him from rolling off the platform edge until EMS arrived. I did not want to move him as I did not know if and where he was injured and he was not speaking, only groaning softly.

When I examined him, he was wearing plastic ID bracelets from a recent emergency room visit. He had a bandage on his temple. He was conscious but incoherent. He was laying between the stairwell and the edge of the platform, rolling about, and I had to prevent his legs and arms from getting in the path of the arriving trains.

Two trains came through before the EMS arrived and my wife and I could continue to work.


As the saying goes, “Please stay away from the platform edge!”, Especially when the train is not at the station. People shouldn’t be so close to the platform edge at all!

Tempus Fugit

I’d like more details. Was this man inebriated, fiddling with his iPhone, was he possibly bumped into by someone? Despite all the horrific subway tragedies lately, I still see people standing on the edge of the platform as the train rushes in. It boggles my mind people still don’t have the sense to stand back a few feet.


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