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Man Stabbed Inside Queens Blvd Specialty Food Store


March 25, 2015 By Christian Murray

A 41-year-old man was stabbed today inside a Queens Blvd food store, according to police.

The police said that two men got into a dispute at about 1: 30 pm at Parrot Coffee, located at 45-15 Queens Blvd. The incident escalated and the victim was stabbed three times in the torso.

The victim was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A police spokesman did not know whether an arrest had been made. However, the following video indicates a man was taken into custody.

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Only a matter of time before Squirts the Change Bum does the same thing to someone.

Southside Johnny

I buy my coffee there every week. They have good feta cheese and delicious ham, too.


I don’t care what you say, the video does not prove that the man did it, sufficient for a conviction, beyond a reasonable doubt. Nor does it prove that the BK hipsters are at fault. Where does that leave us as a neighborhood?

Patricia Dorfman

our captain travaglia and two community officers, luis diaz and marc torres were at the chamber luncheon across the street at sidetracks. when the call came in, they leapt up and literally RAN across the street to get there, arriving seconds after the call came in… good going!


I don’t know, is it just me or using a relative date in an article makes it seem unprofessional. Maybe I am wrong.. anyway.. We don’t know what they other guy did but it would be awesome if this parrot store has some footage to share with the media. Christian should be able to obtain some footage in return for some advertisement space on the blog. There are a lot of extremely annoying people in Sunnyside, so I don’t know if this guy did a favor to us or if he is actually one of them. You never know.

Southside Johnny

What does that mean, they used “a relative date”?” To be honest, after almost 20 years, I haven’t met a lot of annoying people here in Sunnyside; most of my neighbors are quite pleasant. True, it’s a little scary over on the north side of the boulevard, sometimes, with the crime wave and the folks who do not clean up after their dog, but my experience has been generally positive since moving here.


I’m sick of these hipsters coming in to my neighborhood stay in Williamsburg … What dumbass comment…. I hope your happy with your trust funds, leggings and beard mix, go back to Ohio you prick.


Holy Shit! It’s Gerard Depardieu!
I’m sick of these non-Hipsters coming into Sunnyside and stabbing people. What’s with them making sure he had his bag of groceries before they brought him to the Clink?


I am sick of Hipsters flooding into Sunnyside like it is the next Williamsburg. Go back to Billyburg or Greenpoint if you can’t handle a REAL NYC neighborhood.


How awful.

Wishing the injured man a speedy recovery.

It seems more and more we are hearing about things like this. It saddens me greatly.


Crazy..I recognize the stabber they’re arresting in the video..It’s the annoying guy who always stands on that corner outside the store (46th and Q blvd) waving a flag and yells all night. Guess we won’t have to listen to his annoying nonsense anymore, so in that light something positive can come of this.


well, something positive might come out of this. if the public is infuriated enough, the stabbing will have more coverage, and hopefully force the authorities to get rid of the bums in our community. either that or force me to carry a piece to protect myself from lunatics.


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