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Man Stabbed at Queens Boulevard/42nd Street Sunday: NYPD

Suspect at 42nd Street and Queens Boulevard

Nov. 4, 2019 By Shane O’Brien 

Police are investigating a stabbing that occurred in broad daylight in Sunnyside yesterday.

A 27-year-old man was stabbed in the vicinity of 42nd Street and Queens Boulevard at around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, police said.

The victim was stabbed twice, once in the ribcage and once in the back, following a dispute, according to the NYPD. He was transported to a local hospital in a stable condition.

Police have tweeted out a photo of the suspect and the investigation remains ongoing.

Anyone with information in regard to the incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or call the detective squad at 718-784-5441

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Tom Dooley

I lived on 42nd over 40 years ago.Back then, the biggest problem back then was trying to understand the Irishmen and women.


I’m a democrat my entire life and I”m disgusted at what JVB, the mayor and governor have been ignoring in Sunnyside and most of NYC year after year. I’m regularly seeing homeless people on QB who defecate on the street, others living in buses and on the street on 43rd street near the LIRR, graffiti, car break ins and lying public officials who talk about how things are better than ever.


Really!? All this outrage and still Katz got elected to be the queens District Attorney. A Cuomo puppet who wants to continue de Blasio agenda with letting criminals loose on the street. Stop complaining you voted nov 5th for someone who is putting criminals above law abiding citizens, good luck!


The Broken Windows policy worked for a reason because we got people off the streets and there was less crime. Now crime has gotten worse in this city no matter what doctored stats the mayor and NYPD use. Stand up to this and call our representative constantly to complain. Call the mayor’s office, too, or submit your complaint online and don’t give them a moment’s peace until they acknowledge the problem.

Gardens Watcher

Allison, I have to agree. Hopefully our newly-elected Police Commissioner will pay extra attention to his old Sunnyside neighborhood.

LIC Direct

To: What next election run? Don’t you know? JVB is transitioning for the next elected position of Queens Borough President. Must be opposed and our community must unite against JVB — he has let us down, time and time again.


Wasn’t sunny side on the New Yorker magazine top 3 neighborhoods to live in a few years back, how quickly things change. I do believe we had a different mayor back then I think our current mayor is the root of all these problems.


Jimmy Van Bramer has to go. He’s so focused on his career and attending parties, he’s forgotten about his constituents.

Fvck Trump

The cops are too busy patrolling for the mta, trying to kill someone who can’t afford a ride


It’s crazy what’s going on here in Sunnyside I grew up here and currently still living here and believe it or not I am scared to walk around my own neighborhood because all these homeless I mean the other day I went to Wendy’s in queens blvd and there was a bunch of homeless inside with all their belongings and they kept staring at me I was scared to walk home thinking they would follow me . It’s a mess . Truly I don’t understand how this is happening in such a beautiful neighborhood… I use to be able to walk around anytime of day and not fear anything such a peaceful place is becoming a nightmare I hope this will be taken care of soon 😕🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Is anyone else using the Citizen App lately? It’s concerning to receive notifications of people being assulted or shot at on a constant bases. Will the police start being more present in the neighborhood? If you walk through Forest Hills, you’ll notice the police presence on main Street and other locations. Also, the south side of the Blvd is also an important part of what makes Sunnyside/Woodside charming. But we need more police presence and community attention, just like on the north side.

El loco

Minority politicians who want to pander to their communities and blame society for the crime their constituents are committing instead of themselves and their misguided white liberal comrades are going to bring this city down again.


How is that so much garbage is accumulating in Sunnyside recently? Who has the guts to take out the trash. Deblasio keeps claiming crime is down. Please respond to his tweets that this is not the case. Crime may be down in general but I think it just spread, we never this kind of garbage in sunnyside. Sad to feel like a Republican nutcase but you can tell easily who does and who doesn’t belong in sunnyside. This is a beautiful family and working class neighborhood, they are dumping their trash on us. Who is going to put an end to this nonsense.

Every day you can see more sketchy characters, isnthis a conspiracy to drive down the prices so they can come in and buy cheap? I would not be surprised. Stand strong and REPORT, REPORT AND REPORT every single thing. Dont be ignorant, dont be numb, we need to clean up our neighborhood ourselves.


I feel the same way about some of the fires in recent years – there’s that sense of paranoia that says ‘there’s something going on here, but I can’t prove it.’ However, I am seeing so much more homelessness on the streets and in the subway in general. In parks, people drunk or on drugs, and bums hassling people everywhere in the city. It feels like it has gotten much worse over the last two or three years. My opinion is that it’s a mixture of things – there’s money in cities now for homeless outreach programs, the cost of living has gone up and driven more working people into the shelters, and city government has been (and always has been) slow to react and stem the tide. I hate to think what it’s going to look like when the recession finally hits.


The taxes are going up the neighborhood is overtaken by homeless and drunks living and sleeping in the parks, thanks to the mayor and his puppets, I don’t think there are this kind of hotels in Park Slope mr mayor not to mention the possibility of building jails in our neighborhoods

It's sad

Not a trump supporter, but agreed. I don’t know why people hate it when statistics get posted as if shutting their eyes and covering their ears will somehow make crime go down. At least in Sunnyside, hispanics and blacks make up majority of our petty crimes. Just look at this site where there are articles of crimes posted with cam/picture that shows culprit. Every single perp, from thief, sexual harasser, slasher, to gunmen, has all been either hispanic or black. It’s not even just the homeless; you see young kids doing this as well.


seems like the only solution is to protect ourselves, and arm ourselves. gun permits take about a year in nyc.

LIC Direct

Our new neighbors imposed, thrust upon us under the cover of darkness – slipped into local hotels by the Mayor and his Errand Boy Jimmy Van Bramer– top two floors of the Quinta Inn on 38th Street now also housing Homeless. This neighborhood changing right before our eyes. Mayor DiBlasio failure to stand up for law abiding citizens – Jimmy Van Bramer forgot his real constituency – he’ll learn the hard way once he is defeated during his next election run. This is crazy.


If he is caught, he will not have to post bail. And he will be given a Dunkin’ donuts gift card if he shows up in court.


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