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Man Kills Wife and Then Jumps off 40th Street Subway Station

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Aug. 30, 2012 Staff Report

A Sunnyside man got into a domestic dispute with his wife this morning, killed her and then jumped off the 40th Street subway platform to his death, according to police.

The dispute, which occurred at 8:08 am at 45-41 39th Place, resulted in Amis Cale, 41, stabbing his wife Jennifer Cale, 39, several times. The couple’s 19-year-old daughter found her mother’s body — soaked in blood with her throat cut — in the family’s kitchen, police said.

Jennifer was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and was announced dead on arrival.

The police searched for Amis, canvassing the area. He took off on foot and then went up onto the No. 7 train subway platform at about 9:23 am.  He walked to the 41st Street end of the platform and then jumped.  One witness said he heard a giant “thud” following his fall– a fall estimated to be about 50 feet.

Amis, too, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and was dead on arrival.

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Im surprised no one had any racist things to say about what happen.. 0 i forgot since it wasnt a latino or black person everyone has sympathy. SUNNYSIDE IS BY FAR VERY RACIST..



I also saw the guy sitting on the metal trash container with no shoes on, and I thought that was odd. I looked behind him to see if he had taken them off, but I didn’t see any. He was just sort of staring at the sky when I saw him.

Crazy that he likely jumped a few minutes later.

Matt C

Awful. Poor kid. Both parents gone instantly. I hope she has some good family to support her.


I just saw the report…What an inconsiderate a hole. Couldn’t this guy jump off something that wouldn’t screw up traffic for everyone else?


Slainte, yes a man ended his life there but on the other side of 41st st.
This time there was no blood evident on the pavement as in the other case.
Simon, it was probably him. He must have been hanging out up there for awhile before he jumped.
Christine, I agree with you that they should have alerted you. Esp. after the ESB shooting last week with all the bullets flying. Seems they just wrote him off as a DV type of case and didn’t see him as a threat to the general public. There were tons of cops around though.


Prayers for the poor daughter who has lost both her parents. What is with the domestic violence? Were there prior complaints against the husband? I know the police don’t like to deal with these incidents because more often than not, the woman declines to press charges. This is a terrible story.


I actually saw a man sitting on the metal container on the Manhattan Bound 7 platform, towards the rear of the train which would be exactly where 41st street is. He was wearing no shoes which I took notice of and he started staring at me but the train was pulling into the station just at the moment. Maybe he waited for the platform to clear before jumping. And then as soon as I get into the city 5 cops are pinning down someone and arresting them in front of me.

Lucky Lu

I can’t imagine what their daughter is going through right now. I hope there are relatives nearby to help her through this horrific ordeal.


@backslash – I posted my comment before this was updated with the murder. Initially the post just said a man had jumped from the subway. Of course, my deepest condolences go out to their daughter – I can’t imagine a worse way to lost one’s parents.


“Isn’t the southwest corner of 41st St, in front of the Bank next to CVS? Burger King is north of QB.”

Yes, sorry i wasn’t very clear. QB is 2 streets so its a bit confusing. It was across the street of Burker King, the NE corner of the station. (When I said SW before, I meant the SW corner of the northern half of QB and 41st.)


Backlash, That was not me, I would never make fun of a murder…unless it was that bum who screams for change.


The trumpeter! Yes! I got to that station about 9:10 and nothing had happened yet. Isn’t the southwest corner of 41st St, in front of the Bank next to CVS? Burger King is north of QB.


So much violence this summer. I hope everyone cools down their tempers with the temperature dropping!

Tragic that the daughter had to find her mother’s body covered in blood!


this was in my building……i think he was Filipino…….there was no shooting…..he cut her throat…….i’m just disappointed that i left my building at about 9am and walked past all of the cops who said nothing to me about him not being caught/dead yet. and apparantly i was at the station right when he jumped but thank god i didn’t see anything. they could have at least let ppl know that he was running free….you never know….


I would have approached the train stop from the Burger King side around 9:25 and didn’t notice anything. Maybe I was oblivious?


@Lisa: I think you should be more concerned with the daughter than the deceased victim or deceased father. The daughter is now forever changed and potentially will be thrown into state care.

@Larry: Ruben, is that you?


I got on the train at 40th St at about 8:55am and there was no sign of anything unusual at the station, unless you count a random trumpet/saxophone/something player under the overpass….


I was on the 40th platform once police were already on the scene. They were doing desperate chest compressions on him as they were strapping him to the EMT board.

He looked Latino to me. Mid to late 30s.


I think this happened before 10 AM. I was there at 10:15 and there was no sign of the man, just cops. My wife left the house around 8:30-8:45 (I think) and she said she saw cop cars showing up, so it probably happened around maybe 8:45-9:00? I wonder if she just didn’t notice the man.

Judging by the police tape, it looks like the location of the jump was the Southwest corner of 41st street and the north side of Queens Blvd (accross the street from Burger King.)


Very sad news. I got on the train at 40th Street this morning at 9:45 so I’m glad I didn’t have to witness this. Sending my thoughts and prayers to this man…


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