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Man Fatally Shot Inside Queensbridge Houses Tuesday Night

Queensbridge (Google)

Sept. 9, 2020 By Christian Murray

A 23-year-old man was fatally shot inside the NYCHA Queensbridge Houses development Tuesday night.

Dahmel Miller, of Fort Greene Brooklyn, was shot in the stomach and buttocks at around 9:25 p.m. inside a hallway at the 40-12 Vernon Blvd. public housing development, according to police.

The victim was transported to Cornell Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.



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JVB loves these projects where is he on all of this — he says there is never never any
trouble there — another lie from his mouth

No safe spaces

Abolish the anti-crime unit, (whose main job was taking guns off the street), make bail a rarity, encourage general lawlessness, —-then stand back and let the fun and carnage begin!

Brought to you courtesy of democrats.

Don't believe that "guns don't kill people, people kill people."

Replace the word guns with bananas. Impossible to shoot someone with a banana.

Guns kill people.

Not the northern Republican’s fault or doing.


It’s called illegal sales genius and gang members have no problem doing it in dem controlled cities

Yoga for the homeless

Law-abiding citizens should not have to give up their constitutional rights just because poorly run, liberal parts of the country are soft on crime and lack basic morals and self control.

The first item on the ‘to do list’ of any dictatorship is to disarm the people.


Yoga- How gullible are you? You don’t need guns to subjugate people, that type of force was never very efficient or enduring as history has shown. All you need is money and a good propaganda network. Throw in an undermining of the educational systems, historical and cultural institutions and easily corrupted democratic political process. Now get the gullible populace to vote against their own best interest like policies that keep their wages low, environment safe and financial stability sound for examples. Now your subjected think they have an “informed” say in their affairs and welcome their subjugation and in many cases like yours even welcome and cheer it on. Enjoy your guns they’ll help you at least hunt your dinner but won’t prevent your subjugation. That’s why Putin helps support the NRA.

more fake news...

When Obama got elected and the Dems took control of the house & senate they had 2 years (2009,2010) when they could of passed any gun control legislation they wanted on a party line vote…they passed zero gun control bills…they didn’t even introduce one bill and send it to committee…Americans overwhelmingly want their constitutional gun rights protected…that issue is a third rail for politicos….that is why they kept quiet….then they blame Republicans for their own cowardliness and self interest….nice try!!…see you and Alzheimer Joe at the polls!!

Nice try

@More Fake- Isn’t that the same cry they say about Republicans and immigration bills? Republicans controlled all 3 branches from 2001-2007 but all they focused on was war with Iraq and lost the advantage. Somebody supporting a candidate caught on video stumbling to the podium, needing a health aid to escort him down a ramp and unable to bring a glass of water to his lips, should not call anybody else Alzheimer inflicted. Trump said Democrats will take your guns. If they didn’t when they had opportunity like you said, then why didn’t they??Is Trump lying?


Tear the projects down or diversify them. NYCHA obviously discriminates against people who are not “people of color“ in their rental policies and that is a crime. Affordable housing issues affects all races.


Tear them all down and move unemployed residents to put of city limits so everyone can save money and they can live happily ever after for free and more comfortable not cramped in crumbling houses. Why do they all have to live in same place?


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