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Man Burglarizes Two Sunnyside Gardens Homes While Victims Were Home

Jan. 16, 2020 Staff Report

A thief snuck into two Sunnyside Gardens homes Tuesday and took valuables and cash while the victims were home.

The thief broke into the two houses on 45th Street near Skillman Avenue at around 6:30 p.m. and rummaged through the victims’ belongings before leaving each time with valuables. The victims were both females who were at home alone.

The suspect, believed to be a man in his 60s, broke into the first house and made his way into the victim’s bedroom. From there, he went through the homeowner’s belongings and then fled with her purse, according to police.

He then snuck into a different house on 45th Street, gaining access through the back window. The suspect took jewelry, cash and other valuables while the female victim was home.

The suspect then went to another house on the block but the homeowner was alerted to him by her dog. The suspect was seen stashing his items on nearby property.

“The police are taking this very seriously,” one of the victim’s said. “This took place while we were both at home by our selves.”

A 45th Street homeowner captured footage of the suspect. One of the victim’s recognized the items the man was carrying.

Note: This is an update of an earlier story today about a 45th Street burglary involving a purse.

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@Guest- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nobody said anything about imprisoning yourself in your home. Alarms and lighting are very good crime deterrents and sound advice and effective methods used everywhere. Why invite a crime when you can avoid one?


Gardens Watcher, you can easily gate inside your windows, but locking ourselves into prisons should not be a solution. We need these people caught and everyone needs to be vigilant and report anything that doesn’t look right, and 108 must take every report seriously and not brush it off as nuisance.

Gardens Watcher

Landmarking is not the problem. Back windows are very vulnerable because of the dark courtyards. Lock your windows and get sliding windows and doors braced. Keep outside lighting on.

Better yet, get an alarm and keep it on while at home.

Even older school

Old school Sunnyside- Yes thanks to landmarking.,Landmarking is a good thing. Just take a look at what my neighbor on 44th Street between QB and 43rd ave, closer to QB on the East Side of the street, did with the barring of his windows on the ground floor. He brought down everyone else’s home values. Landmarking secures property value fact!


Crime can occur in any neighborhood. As a DQ performer, I leave my apartment at night and come home just before dawn. Its a safe neighborhood and neither I or my guests have any major issues other than drunk or closeted men trying to pick us up.

Oldschoool Sunnysider

Thanks to “Landmarking” windows are especially vulnerable. No gates allowed.

Gardens Watcher

A home invasion is brazen at any hour, but at 6:30PM is scary and crazy stupid. Good thing the neighbor with the Ring doorbell gave this video.

Thanks for the windshield flyers 108th, but got a description for us yet? Please nail this guy soon.


This is a home invasion not a burglary. A burglary is when nobody is present in the home and a home invasion is when someone is home. Both are different crimes and each result in a different police response.


Can someone please explain how this dirtbag got into the house so we know their methods and protect our homes better? Can’t assume they can read, so can we begin trapping these guys, let’s leave our windows open and sit across the hall with a shotgun. Shoot a few of these in the face, and then plaster the news all over town “break into my home, this is what you get”.. maybe then we can stop these.

I live in gardens, and friday and saturday nights are wild, I don’t know if it’s the bars or the shelters that is worse.


Baseball bat within reach, taser, pepper spray, machete all these items within arms reach in your home. Must be a resident of one of the new of the Jimmy Van Bramer shelters in the area. Sunnyside Garden residents thank your councilman for this uptick in crime for not standing up for you – now it’s happening on your side of the boulevard!!!!

Truth Hurts

You get what you vote for. This is why party loyalty is so dangerous. Idiots will blindly follow an idiot over a cliff because of a label, rather than make an intelligent decision based on what’s going on in front of their eyes. Good luck when the weather gets warm.

true colors

all the bail reform naysayers….who is to say that this guy couldn’t have posted bail and been out on the streets anyway? Bail is not a punishment, it is to ensure that you show up for court. A judge can’t predict future possible crimes. People should not be forced to languish on Rikers Island for months at a time waiting for their court date because they cannot afford bail. Poverty itself is not a crime. Harvey Weinstein is an accused rapist & there is the guy that killed his wife and chopped her up in CT, both are out on bail because they have the $ to be free. Why are you not shouting from the rooftops about their threats to society? I guess if they are white they aren’t a threat….


I moved away from the west coast specifically San Francisco to get away from all the crimes and assaults. Many of the assailants and thieves are drug addicts, homeless, and mentally ill. But the same thing is happening in NYC from what we are experiencing. I guess those that could are moving to the major Democratic/Liberal cities for the mostly the freebies and policies that are soft on crime.


Someone tried to break into our home on 47th as well at 4:00 a.m. this is the 4th time someone tried to break into our home, once successfully. All prior ones occurre before bail reform, which will actually serve to speed trials, especially when you factor in new discovery rules. I what we need are more patrols in an area where it is easy to break into ground level window s and doors.

Marc t

I’m no fan of the Republican Party, cause it also is infested with liberals.
But as long as NYC unanimously keeps voting for communist Democrats, this will be the result.
President Kennedy was the last normal Democrat. A conservative Democrat. NY is a lost cause. The cities future for the middle class is Extinction.


You are 100% correct.
To all you liberal/ progressive voters:
What are you going to do when you are the next victim of this madness that is happening in our neighbor hood / city?
Shame on all of you for your utter ignorance.


If you have a gun in the home… you can protect yourself. You cant trust these politicians and you cant carry a policeman everywhere.


Bail reform in action!!..Catch and release!!!..It’s only the beginning..Folks in Sunnyside and the rest of the city can look forward to a long hot crime ridden summer..Keep penciling in those Progressives at the voting booth!!!


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