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Man Breaks Into Woodside Basement Steals Tools, Burglary on the Rise Throughout Precinct

Suspect (NYPD)

Feb. 20, 2020 By Christian Murray

The police are looking for a man who broke into house on 48th Street by Laurel Hill Boulevard and stole about $1,000 worth of power tools last week.

The suspect smashed through the basement glass door at around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12, grabbed the power tools and loaded them into a red SUV. He then fled the location.

Police have released a photo of the suspect.

The burglary represents one of growing number in the 108th Precinct this year.

There were 17 burglaries in the 108 Precinct for the year through Feb. 9, up from 5 for the same period last year.

Major crime is up 25 percent this year in the precinct.

Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to call 718-784-5441

The 108th Precinct serves the southwestern portion of Queens, and includes Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Woodside.

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@Marc- Sunnyside has no night life?? Which Sunnyside are you talking of ? Bar 43, The Lowery, Ida’s, The Court Yard, Maggie Maes, The Globe, Flynn’s, Sanger Hall, Alcove, The Skillman, The Gas Light, Petes Grill, Alpha even White Castle..and the list goes on. Nice try.


Its been like this since the late 70s. 48st and 50th ave, laurel hill and 48, 45st and 50ave, 46st and 48ave, 44st and 48 ave , 49st and 47ave, 48st between queens and 47, all bad area. Drugs. This will always be a shady part of woodside because of the element that lives in the area


time to put the iron bars back on windows. we live in an uncivil society thanks to the current administration with mafioso cuomo and his reprehensible mayor.

Marc torres

Hey Mac, the reason those neighborhoods may have higher crime is because those neighborhoods have a nightlife. While Sunnyside is asleep overnight, those neighborhoods are active, meaning more confrontations, people going to restaurants, Bars, etc. so your more likely to have crime in areas that are vastly populated and busy during the night time.Your more likely to have fights, burglary victims robberies and especially auto break ins. Criminals know this, so they target those neighborhoods. Especially when you have sec8 buildings in south Williamsburgh Eliminate the night life in those neighborhoods and their crime rate would plummet. And would fall below the
Sunnyside crime rate. There would be no comparison. It’s like comparing The crime stats of NYC, a population of approximately 8 million to say Maine. A state that has an estimated population of 1.3 million.
Obviously NY is going to have more crime. Obviously you don’t understand this. So before you call me out on always being wrong. Remember this,
I’m RIGHT, I’m always RIGHT.


Guest is correct. Bail reform doesn’t stop the police from catching these people. It just makes them release them immediately so they can offend again and again.


Marc Torres- You need to look up the crime stats of the village and Willy B. You’re uninformed, as usual.

Marc torres

As long as communist liberal Democrats are the majority in this neighborhood and the rest of the city, forget about safe streets, unless you live in white liberal high end neighborhoods like Williamsburgh Greenwich village etc. there’s a Bill in the US Congress that’s called The New Forward. The bill would allow illegals who got deported for crimes such as rape,robberies etc back into the country. Every Democrat in Congress backs this bill.
You just have to laugh at these people.


Why would JVB comment on a crime that the NYPD doesn’t even know the identity of the perpetrators of? You’re ridiculous with these obsessive posts. What would be the added value? The same value as your inane posts.

Jimmy Van Jack Ass

Of course Jimmy Van Jack Ass is no where to be seen. He has already said he doesn’t want any change to bail reform. Also wants to close Rikers and not build a new jail. #lostcause

Real data won’t hurt NYPD promotability.

Finally real data of the neighborhood being released. No reason to under report when you can blame bail reform.


Stop the nonsense with bail reform in every single post, you all are like broken records or parrots repeating each other. Bail reform doesn’t stop police from catching these people. How many of the recent criminals were caught?

Jack M

This person must have known the tools were there. 3:30 AM up on Laurel Hill Blvd. it’s pretty desolate and really out of the way.

Don't worry

Don’t worry for him, he’ll be back because we have a bail reform to protect him from the abusive criminalization of crime

Van Bramer, why so silent!

Not a word from Councilman Van Bramer on the rise in crime in his district! Rather he is on the crusade to stop the roll-back of the ill-formed bail reform law that went into effect this year.


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