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Man Arrested After Allegedly Punching M Train Rider Who Asked Him to Move: NYPD


Dec. 20, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Police have arrested a man who, back in October, allegedly attacked a fellow M train passenger at the Northern Boulevard station who asked him to move his legs.

Joseph Chamorro, an 18-year-old from Maspeth, was arrested yesterday and charged with assault after an Oct. 31 incident at the Long Island City station.

Police say Chamorro boarded a Manhattan-bound M train here just before 7 a.m. on that day, and sat next to a 59-year-old man, making “incidental physical contact” with his legs.

The man asked Chamorro to move his legs, but was punched in the face in an attack that resulted in a cut to the nose and broken eyeglasses, according to police.

The victim then got off at the Queens Plaza station and reported the incident. Chamorro, meanwhile, had remained aboard the train.

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So sad… youth wasted away.

Then again, looking at that stupid unremorseful smile on his face makes me have zero empathy for the punk


I don’t condone the punch but I’m sure theres more to the story. People act like entitled idiots on the train and will try to sit in between any gap , squeezing in making it uncomfortable for everyone .
I recently had a situation where some guy didnt wanna close his legs and was playing what I call ” bitch leg games ” where the person fights for leg real estate in the most passive aggressive way. An argument ensued when he pushed my leg with his..which is assault.
Bottom line. I ain’t saying it’s right the guy punched the other guy..but I understs.d


Man was 59 years old…this loser thought he could punch hin and get away with it… he wouldn’t have done that to someone younger and bigger than him.

Butter and weed

Some Leeberal” in the justice system will offer ACD no time in lockup . Hey election comes who are the judges and DA’s constituents again?? He’ll be walking the streets laughing.


Thanks to the new no bail policy this POS will never see Rikers. From the looks of him he would not have faired well but would have been popular.

Woodside Mom

Why do you think the appropriate punishment for this person is jailhouse rape? Is there something wrong with you?


Indeed seems like there is something wrong with him.
Maybe he’s done some time, and was “popular” with his fellow inmates.


MTA need to install camera underground.

It’s something that MTA should have done long time ago to deter crimes like that.

Come on MTA! Do something!

Richard Romano

Try punching someone at Rikers Island. It’s easy to be a tough guy on a train with a 59 year old man. Let’s see how well you do on The Island


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