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Lounge Bar Opens on Queens Blvd, with Promise of Good Music and Upscale Food

OT Inside

Aug. 13, By Christian Murray

A new lounge bar opened on Queens Boulevard last month that aims to cater to music lovers, sports fans and residents who enjoy eating Mediterranean cuisine.

Over Time Lounge, located at 39-31 Queens Blvd, has been up and running for about three weeks.

To date, it has been open just on Friday and Saturday nights. However, next week, the lounge bar’s kitchen is expected to open—and the establishment will begin operating each day from 11 am until late.

The owner, Christos Ioannides, said the bar will be a hotspot for people looking to enjoy a drink and listen to DJs playing house, hip-hop and reggae music. The establishment is large, providing plenty of room for dancing. Furthermore, there are plenty of mirrors that wrap around the interior walls in order for party goers to check out their moves.

“We have a great atmosphere here,” Ioannides said. “I want everyone to come here and have a good time.” He said his extensive cocktail list (which includes strawberry mojitos to water melon martinis) adds to the positive vibe.

Photo: QueensPost

Ioannides, who is from College Point, said that Over Time is going to be an upscale establishment.

“I want this place to be nice, where people dress properly and executives feel comfortable coming here,” he said. For instance, he is enforcing a dress code, where people with excessively baggy clothes or guys wearing tank tops/white T-shirts will not be let in.

The venue has plenty of high tables and tall stools in the middle of the lounge/bar that can be easily moved for dancing. In addition, there are some couches placed alongside the walls for hanging out.

Ioannides said that he also wants sports fans to take advantage of the six big-screen TVs and come and watch the big games. “I want everyone to come here and have a good time.”

The kitchen will be serving dishes such as chicken/lamb Souvlaki, bacon wrap scallions, filet mignon burgers and salads. Ioannides’ chef, Ronnie Rowe, has spent the past 15 years working in the kitchen at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort in Orlando.

The food will be upscale, Ioannides said, although at a reasonable price.

This is Ioannides’ first bar/lounge. He said that so far he is enjoying it.

“I like people, I like food and I like to impress.”

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take it to your collage point neighborhood

This place will never make it, it will end up like the place that was on the corner of Q.B. & 39 pl. CLOSED. The crowd the place draws is undesirable bunch that we dont need here. The place has no identity, and has a very cold feel.


Ill tell everybody something. This place definitely changed from a few months ago. The kitchen is open. Food is great, and atmosphere is comforting. This neighborhood needed something like this. Something different.


This place sucks! Its just a bunch of drug addicts and delinquents that I’ve seen go in there. Like if we need this in Sunnyside! Looks more like a hangout spot for idiots. Its always empty, not a comfortable vibe, and there’s a dress code? What food? Ha! They have been saying they were going to have food ages ago. This owner is talking about having an upscale place when he has no experience in the matter himself. Silly man, you have no future in that place. Can’t wait for it to close down.


oh man this places looks bad, I give it a year max. classless and cheap, just like the kind of people that will probably go there.


This place used to be Gallaghers a long time ago right? I think a stripper musta died and now she haunts the place forcing every owner to leave.



This is what happens when the owner gives up and lets promoters run his establishment….they get people but always the wrong people…Its always a last ditch effort to save the place.

next to pete’s diner, starts attracting all sort of cheap crowds from all neighborhoods and prom nights, etc..


I thought the only 2 places that had cabaret licenses was sidetracks and now the Bucharest…which was an Irish bar before that on 40th st.


Let’s hope it’s not the same owner or promoter of XIO LOUNGE. Both places had/have similar feel, and we haven’t forgotten the trouble XIO brought to this neighborhood…

If I needed a place to snort cocaine while I gambled on my games and splurged on sugary cocktails and ‘shrimps’, I would never have moved to Sunnyside.

Wrong neighborhood for this.


I hope it doesn’t survive. Executives can be comfortable? Executives from what sort of companies? Hip Hop? We have enough “kids” hanging around smoking pot and drinking late at nights.


looks tacky. I’ll bet you souvlaki the music sucks and the place is empty most weekends.

there’s zero market for this in sunnyside.

Hipsta Thugg

i have no excessively baggy clothes, I guess Im in!! But I usually don’t feel at ease in aquarium lighting. Makes me wanna swim towards the ceiling and peck at the surface for flake food.

This place looks cool though if you’re into this kind of scene, Great job renvovating. I hope it does well. Glad to see people investing in this neighborhood.


Good luck, place won’t last, and it may eventually turn into that place which used to be across the street where 99c store is right now, next to pete’s diner, starts attracting all sort of cheap crowds from all neighborhoods and prom nights, etc..


Looks like a classy establishment. I won’t have to trek all the way out to the Meatpacking District to enjoy a good Ketel Soda.


living close by…how come it has BLACK curtains across the windows blocking any view of the inside of the establishment? what are they hiding??? what time does it open? have tried the doors at 6pm on a friday & saturday so is it for all or an another after hour establishment??? if thats what it will be – we will make it a point to close it just like the club io on the blvd across the st from it – HOPEFULLY we can look forward to a well run club/restaurant but Im not holding my breath once again!!!


Are souvlakis fine food? That’s news to me. I suppose it will fill the need for more gyros et al in the neighborhood. I’m also of the opinion that fine food is best enjoyed without big screen TVs on the wall or mirrors everywhere. Again, I’m probably wrong.


Whatever the current intentions of the owner, this place will end up being a nightclub focused on bottle service. It is where the money is at and it will compete against Soel night club on 33rd Street on the South side of QB.

I’m not knocking the owner or this place but it’s pretty obvious that the food is an after thought.

But I do look forward to seeing what kind of specials and offers the owner extends to residents.


I always welcome new establishments to our hood and wish them well. But this place seems to be having an identity crisis. An Upscale Club with a dress code that welcomes sports fans ( in their tailored sports jerseys??) to come watch games , dance to hip hop and eat chicken souvlaki… just saying I ‘ve never done all those things in one night forget about in the same place…

Zero the Hero

Hip Hop and Strawberry Mojitos aren’t my thing so it looks like I’ll be checking out Vivire since Scotch and “Hipsters” are more my speed. Good Luck to them none the less….


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