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Local Vendors Heading to Bliss Plaza For Pop-Up Markets This Summer

Bliss Plaza (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez)

June 12, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

A temporary market place is heading to Bliss Plaza in Sunnyside for several weekends this summer.

“Bliss Markets,” the name of the pop-up event, will take place over three weekends spanning from June to August, each from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., under the 7 train viaduct at 46th Street. The first event is scheduled for June 23 and 24.

Nine vendors, made up of local businesses and entrepreneurs, will offer food, drink, and more during each market event. Cooldown Juice, for example, will sell juices for the month of June, with Bliss Street Creamery offering its organic ice cream scoops for the month as well.

A local ceramicist, along with Proud NYC, a clothing store selling city-focused items, will also offer their items at the June market.

The vendors will be arranged in a square in the middle of the plaza, with performances scheduled at their usual location on the southern side of the plaza during the pop-ups. Seating will also be available for market-goers to sit and enjoy foods available at the pop-up.

The summer market series is organized by Sunnyside Shines, the local BID that focuses on bolstering business in the neighborhood.

Jaime-Faye Bean, Sunnyside Shines executive director, said the program is a pilot where the BID aims to test the public’s interest in a market place at the plaza.

“We’re excited about this, and if it’s something the community responds to and wants more of, we’re open to developing this into something more regular or long term,” Bean said.

Sunnyside Shines will be surveying the selected market place vendors on their satisfaction and profitability during the events to determine whether the pop-up is successful.

The program is being funded in part by a grant through the Neighborhood Plaza Program of the Horticultural Society of New York.

Queens Night Market, which organizes the popular marketplace at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing, is also managing the Bliss Plaza markets.

Vendors for the July and August portions of the marketplace have yet to be finalized. Local businesses interested in participating should contact Sunnyside Shines for consideration.

Bliss Markets dates:
June 23, 24
July 28, 29
August 25, 26

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Bliss Street Creamery

We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors at Bliss Markets! Come on by with your sweet tooth and a mini-cooler: we’ll be selling scoops and pints for takeway, too!


Soooo… a couple of years ago politicians made a big stink about the halal food cart, bagel/coffee guy taking up space and being a safety hazard should the 7 train need emergency assistance. But now this pop market is fine?! What’s the difference?

Eye on the neighborhood

They weren’t in control of the food carts. The BID, composed of politicians and real estate owners, is in control of this. So much for a free market economy. Republicans like it only as free as it benefits them, the rest? Bah!


Such an awesome idea. We have the best community ever. I’ll definitely check it out!

Oil Beef Hooked

I wonder how the person who makes the inevitable pigeon poop comment on EVERY post about this area gets across Queens Blvd?


right? this is a much better idea than bringing popup markets next to parks where people can actually sit down and enjoy the space, vs a dark gloomy dungeon with bums and trash and bird doody. and dont forget all the fumes from traffic on both sides! that’s an added bonus! yum!


Rachel: You think you’re funny don’t you? You’re just a lonely old spinster. And I’d like to blast you at a party. I could but I wouldn’t because I’m a lover not a hater.


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