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LIC Man Who Threw Dog Out of Window Sentenced to a Year in Prison

March 16, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A man who lives on the border of Long Island City and Astoria was sentenced to a year in prison for dropping his dog out of a third story window last summer, announced Queens District Attorney Richard Brown today.

According to Brown, 21-year-old Dorian Quezada of 43rd Street dropped his mixed-breed Chihuahua out of a third story window last August. The dog was severely injured, but did survive.

After pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, Quezada was sentenced yesterday to one year in prison, and will not be allowed to own a pet for five years following his incarceration.

He will also have to register as an animal abuser with the city, which bars him from adopting or buying any animals from shelters or pet stores.

“In pleading guilty, the defendant has admitted to the horrible abuse of his dog. It is hard to imagine that someone would do something so cruel to their pet. My office takes a strong stand against any and all animal cruelty and is committed to aggressively enforcing the laws that protect animals from harm,” Brown said in a statement.

According to the charges, a man saw something fall from a window and land with a loud thud last August. When he looked up, he saw the defendant walking away from the window.

He found the dog lying on the ground yelping in pain with blood oozing from its mouth. The dog had a broken leg and dislocated ankle, and eventually recovered fully. She was adopted last November and is doing well in her new home.


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So now we are going to shell out $ 63,145.00 to house and shelter this person for a year! Does anyone else see the absolute absurdity of this!? Instead he should have been put to work cleaning up dog crap or something.

Dr. Vinny Goomba

It’s simple. if you abuse a dogs/cats you are either a complete piece of sh*t, or mentally unstable. In each case you should be locked up somewhere so you do not cause more harm.

Not el loco

I wish el loco would learn from dog justice. First sensible person on this site. Good job dog justice. You too dog lover.

Dog lover

Dog justice- na ,your ok. I get your point, you came off wrong though. Ill tell you though, if you dont own a pet, or never did, you cant possibly understand the bond that develops between you and your pet. Its impossible. But your comparison of pigs and bacon is off the wall, and it is a fact psychos do graduate from animals to people. Do the research, you seem intelligent enough to figure it out.


Oh I already know the connection between serial killers and animal abusers. Unfortunately, we don’t have any psych reports to verify it. It’s speculation. He might just be a stupid kid who just wanted to see what would happen. Or maybe he thought his mom was paying more attention to the dog than him. Who knows. By your logic though, anyone who abuses a pet is somehow going to graduate to a serial killer? Bullocks. I’m also very well aware of the bond between pets and their owners. Many of my friends have/had pets, and I developed a bond with them as well. If you are an animal lover, you would have understood the comparison to pigs. It’s all relative. Think about that for a sec.

Rin Tin Tin

with savages like this guy it starts with animals and then the torturer moves to humans. Locking him up is the right move. Hopefully he will learn some very painful lessons in prison

Not el loco

They should have sentenced him to a year in el locos house listening to his stupid comments

El loco

Why you dirty little punk associating me with a sadistic criminal who harmed a defenseless creature. I’d love to get my hands on you and then we’d see how tough you are.

Im a dog lover too

Dog justice- you do make some sense. Justice system is screwed up. You obviously dont own a dog or you wouldnt say “its just a dog.” I agree with if its between a human getting saved, or a pet, you have to save a human. However what this guy did, isnt human. We arent comparing which is more valuable, an animals life or human beings life. You are going to get slammed by the pet community, but because your being insensitive to a defenseless creature. This guy is a scumbag, and deserves to be thrown out the 3rd floor window, the guy who you say assaulted the woman behind the dumpster, deserves to be pushed off the roof. But , justice is screwed up, not that poor animal who did nothing to deserve being thrown out a third floor window. This time its a dog he flung out a window, next time it just might be a human. Think about what your saying.


This is typical of dog owners. It’s as though I don’t have compassion or understanding of animals if I don’t own one. And since I highlight the injustice of the justice system, I must not own a dog. Dumb logic. It’s also dumb logic to infer this guy is a criminal psychopath that will kill humans next. I know there is a connection, but you have no evidence or psychiatric reports to support such a claim. It’s hyperbole and histrionics. Also, I know to appease the pet community, I need to first say that it was an abhorrent act, and the guy needs to be tortured. The fact of the matter is that for the most part, pets get treated better than humans do, and this is just another example. People in other cultures eat dogs. Pigs are supposed to be as smart if not smarter than dogs, yet there is no outrage over bacon. There is something wrong with society when human abuse gets a slap on the wrist while pet abuse gets jail time. In all likelihood the judge who imposed the sentence is probably a dog owner. And I have to say, that pets are great, lovely, they offer so much and teach us all kinds of things. There. Happy?


OMIGOD. People sexually assault others and severely harm humans, and they don’t get one year in prison. A man was sexually assaulting a woman behind a dumpster and he gets 3 months. It’s a fucking dog fer christs sake. Yes, cruelty and all that. I understand. But the justice system is so screwed when humans get sent to prison for hurting animals yet go free for hurting humans. Something is wrong here. What’s needed is EDUCATION. Teach people compassion and understanding, and nobody will throw a helpless dog out the window.


You are going to get stones by dog lovers, but you speak the truth.

This person should be punished, definitely, but not by throwing him in jail for 1 year. People, this is how you create criminals. Someone who got mad at a dog threw it out the window, for god knows what reason, unless he goes around being proud of what he did, and shows intentions of doing it again, 1 year is a crazy absurd punishment — you are just creating another criminal who will lose his job, will not be able to get a job, probably won’t find a wife, will be hard to find a home to rent, list goes on.

Punish him in other ways, tossing him in jail is too easy.

Donaldo Trumpeta

FYI, that’s how dangerous criminals start, by abusing animals then they move to humans, hopefully you & dogjustice.


Thank God the little creature recovered. May the man live long enough to regret his mistake and perhaps become an advocate for animals or someone who leads anger management classes.

Dog lover

Dont put him in jail, he gets fed, gets 3 meals a day, thats rewarding him .Throw quezada out the fucking window. Unbelievable, and they call the dog the animal ?


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