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Key Food on 46th Debuts Bakery

Sam Hamdan and Anthony Guzzo, Head Baker. (Photo: QueensPost)

July 16. 2011 Staff Report

While the renovation of Key Food at 46th Street is still months from completion, the supermarket opened a new bakery about one month ago and many people have viewed it favorably.

Sam Hamdan, the manager of the store, said the store bakes its own breads, rolls and desserts on the premises at 5 am each day. He said that prosciutto bread seems to be the most popular bread item sold.

Among its dessert selection, the store bakes seven layer cakes, éclairs, strawberry shortcakes, cream-puffs, almond horns, French cannoli, carrot cakes, cheese cakes, and black and white cookies.

Hamdan said that the store should be completely revamped by this Thanksgiving.

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listen you guys have nothing better to do than to critizese supermarkets get a friend boy friend girl. friend something to past ur time low lifes. reaallllllyyyyy.


the prosciutto bread is a reason to get their early. never had that before. it is like a meal.excellent. hope they will spruce up other part of store, too


Arvine-Ryan used to be a mens clothing store, this was back in the day when sunnyside had quality stores to shop in.

Long time resident

Is the store under new management? I’ve refused to spend a dime there for several years.


Recently exposed brickwork on the 46th Street side of the old building shows the name ARVINE-RYAN. Does anyone know what that refers to? A previous tenant, perhaps?


Funnyside, It’s actually law that the prices must be visible. Consumer Affairs would “enforce” that one.


You are so correct Marilyn! We have no decent bagels in Sunnyside 🙁

That being said I love the new deli/bakery area. It is nice to have a place that is a bit more “Whole Foods” than “Met Foods”.


Hi funnyside, I agree with you. I have had that happen many times and they donot care. I would call ny1 or the brammers office and complain everything should have a price other wize thy can charge what they want anny time. Some shop with a budget and should not be uncomfortable not buying something.



A lot of stores don’t have prices marked anywhere on a lot of items. I’ve complained about it many times and get the usual stupid response like you’ll see it when you check out. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I like to know the price of something before I get to the register. Making prices plainly visible should be a basic customer courtesy but apparently I’m unreasonable considering the reactions I get from store managers.


I have not been in this store yet but maybe what we need is to be our own board of health and let the mangers know and our coiuncil people know what is going on in there . We need to be a bigger voice in oiur town and we need to be heard mabe it will help.

No reason to wait for a failed inspection, and a closed store we can do our part to prevent this from possibly happening our selves. What is your opinion?


Patrick, I meant prices in the bakery and deli sections only. Prices in the “old” sections of the store are sometimes higher, sometimes lower than the competition, often depending on weekly advertised “specials.”
In the past, that Key Food was notorious for not displaying prices on the shelves and/or the merchandise. That eased somewhat when they installed a scanner, but the scanner often broke down. Hopefully, the new store when fully opened will have several scanners, as in Associated. I believe that Foodtown has only one scanner.


I agree with Patrick – went there twice and that was one too many times.

Get the baker a chef’s smock please and not an undershirt. What’s this? Oh chest hairs in my cake… I mean really! They’re like $25.

I guess my expectations are too high or something because I feel like I’m just grossed out by nearly all the places I frequent here. Way different from the towns I previously lived in where they at least appeared clean.


I wonder how long it will take for the management to drive this renovated space into the ground — will the horrible mildew smell still be there like an old “friend”? Will the fruit flies fly? Will the frozen food still be freezer burned? @Roxy, surprised you find prices better there too — more overpriced than Associated, worse than Foodtown. And seriously, I know they never close, but will upkeep remain a problem? Already I see trash strewn about near the brand new windows. Look closely at that store, you will see just how ill prepared they are for a bright, shiny new “super” market.


Bakery and deli a vast improvement over previous. Far better selection than rival Associated and especially Foodtown. Prices seemed fair, considerably below similar supermarkets in Manhattan.


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