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Japanese Themed Pop-Up Market To Be Held Sunday at Bliss Plaza

Oct. 16, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

A Japanese themed pop-up market will be held Sunday at Bliss Plaza kicking off this year’s Sunnyside Restaurant Week.

Sunnyside Shines will host the pop-up from noon to 6 p.m. at Bliss Plaza–located at 46th Street and Queens Boulevard, under the 7 train– and residents will get a chance to savor food and culture from the Land of the Rising Sun.

The event, which marks the beginning of Sunnyside Restaurant Week, will feature Japanese cuisine, craft vendors and live entertainment headed up by COBU – a colorful all-female troupe that mixes traditional Japanese Taiko drumming with rhythmic tap dancing.

A number of vendors will sell clothes, accessories and other merchandise.

There will be free children’s activities including hand-painting, airbrush tattoos, a variety show and shoppers will be able to enter special competitions at the Sunnyside Shines table.

Vendors will display menus from local eateries that are taking part in Sunnyside Restaurant Week, according to Jaime-Faye Bean, Executive Director of Sunnyside Shines. Restaurant Week goes from Oct. 21 to Oct. 28 and consumers can get deals such as a three-course meal for $25.

Bean said that the autumn pop-up market–which has a special focus on Japanese culture this year–has a history of promoting neighborhood talent and is an important event on the Sunnyside calendar.

“This program has been a valuable platform for creative, entrepreneurial makers and artisans to expand their visibility and scale-up,” Bean said.

Additionally, Bean said the market will help spur local economic activity by increasing foot traffic into small businesses.

“This year the market will also be a celebration of resilience and community spirit and a strong show of support for the neighborhood’s small business character,” Bean said.

Bean said that volunteers will enforce COVID-19 safety guidelines like social distancing rules in order to protect attendees. Face masks and hand sanitizer will also be handed out throughout the day.

Nearly 50 restaurants/eateries are taking part in restaurant week this year. Many restaurants are offering the deals both at their venue–and for takeout and delivery.

A full list of all the participating restaurants taking part in Sunnyside Restaurant Week can be viewed on the Sunnyside Shines website here.

COBU (Image provided by Sunnyside Shines)

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We’re glad you moved too- Remember who has been one of our largest trading partners and our ally for 75 years..

We are responsible for their happiness.

They make the things we take a liking to and then make fun of us for it.

This: directly from the people who have



this should not even have been reported in the news.


Is there a public health crisis or not? If some public gatherings are allowed and others not, can the city and state blame people for not knowing what the “rules” are?

Carol S.

Thank you for all you do Sunnyside Shines! I’m looking forward to checking out this event today, and appreciate the boosting you do for Sunnyside. It promotes community spirit, and helps our local economy.


Billy – You need to take that up with the Federal Gov’t . I lost relatives in WWII, Korea Vietnam and even in WW I and the Civil War. I can assure you the people involved in this event had absolutely nothing to do with your fathers death. Look at that PPE you’re using it probably comes from Vietnam. Look at our president he has decided our adversary Russia has been dissolved of infractions like arming our enemies. Remember the recent bounties put on our troops?


The sponsors of this event are not good neighbors. They have plastered every single lampost, mailbox and street sign post with flyers for the event, wrapped in tape (illegal posting, by the way). Will you be coming back to remove all this mess? or just leave it here forever to blight the neigbhood?


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