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Irish Music Festival kicks off after St. Pat’s for All Parade–Sunday, March 5

Feb. 24, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

Live Irish music will be playing at bars throughout Sunnyside following the St. Pat’s For All parade on March 5.

Beginning at 3 p.m., Sunnyside’s Boulevard Bars will host the fifth annual Irish Music Festival, bringing live music to nine bars throughout the neighborhood.

Each bar will host Irish bands throughout the evening, and will offer drink and food specials.

“It’s a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day early and get everyone out to listen to music,” said Boulevard Bars representative Melissa Navia.

Navia said that each year the bars see upwards of 300 to 400 people stop by throughout the night, and hopes to see it grow even larger.

“We want people to come out, celebrate early, and try different bars that they may not have been to, invite their friends from outside of Sunnyside, and just enjoy the vibrant neighborhood,” she said.

The full list of participating bars include: Arriba Arriba, Sidetracks, Jack’s Fire Department, Bar 43, Ida’s Nearabout, Maggie Mae’s, The Gaslight, The Courtyard Ale House, and McGuinness’s Saloon.

Live performances will start at various times throughout the afternoon and evening.

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Sir Walter Raleigh

The smell of stale beer and Old Spice it must be that time of year again.

Terry O

Juan Julio, you have gall to call anyone low. You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re, possessive and adjective. Get an education you uneducated low life. You and your under educated under performing under paid angry band of losers are why the publishers of this site need to install filters on the comment stream. Your ignorance is offensive. I am an Irish person who has been to Scotland and can say without reservations, you do not know what you’re talking about.

Occasional acts of rudeness can be very healing

I think SSP should open one story a month to comments. Then the old gang can get together and be obnoxious and rude to each other, and just let out their frustrations anonymously. The rest of us can have fun reading it. It will be like seeing old friends your glad you lost touch with.

Juan julio

Poor mac, truth hurts, he got his feathers ruffled. Plenty of people dont like to walk into an irish bar , never mind a so called irish neighborhood, which by the way there isnt any around here. Go up to yonkers and see what happens. Even if your an American irish your gonna have problems. I take it your irish with a name like mac. Go in a real irish bar and see what happens, youll get your American ass thrown right out on the sidewalk. Be lucky if thats all that happens . Also let me ask you, what do you mean illegal irish dont destroy quailty of life? They drink ,fight, bother everyone whos not irish. Throw up in the street, urinate in alleyways of private houses. If theyre ille5they should be deported like any other ethnic group. Why am i wasting my time ssp wont post this because im talking about the irish, if it was about the latino community they would post it though.


Juan julio- You ignorant fool. Mac is Scottish. Hahaha You can’t even do racism correctly. I’ve been to Mclean Ave in Yonkers plenty of times. I would spend many weekends up there when I first arrived in this country from the high land. At least the Irish don’t spray paint all over the neighborhood.


MAGA….Mclean Ave? Many weekends up there?..It’s obvious by your comments you are still hitting the sauce..and that would be a FACT!


Gosh, Irish music really sucks. Sorry, but it’s a complete waste of time.

Would rather listen to gangsta rap or death metal, and I also think those suck.

Well, so long to comments. Let me have it while you can!


Personally, I dig all them kinds of music–Irish, death metal and gangster rap. They’re not as good as roots reggae, though.

JAH Rastafari!


“Parade For All”…absolutely has nothing to do with honoring a saint or Irish culture but rather promotes anti Catholic and LGBT values….Phil Donahue, Melissa Mark Vivertos, JVB, Bill DeBlasio and assorted deviates March for political purposes…It’s a Gay Pride parade and nothing more..Nothing wrong with that but call it what it is!

Putin tortures squirrels for fun

You’re right. This parade has nothing to do with honoring a Catholic saint. People don’t do pub crawls out of religious devotion.

Fan of Dough boy park

No, it’s not a parade ” for all” , only those with a far left view of the political world are allowed to participate. Anyone who disagrees is a rascist/sexist/homophobic person. And no one is forcing you into a pub afterwards. THINK , St Patrick is a saint for who ? And Phil Donahue has bashed who for years? Idiots.

Fat Fan of Dough boy park

That’s it? ” for whom” , that’s all you got? ” fat boy”. Next time, at least try to be original or witty. I’m kinda disappointed this is all you got


-MAGA Yes, it’s automatically a gay event if it includes a gay group or banner, just like a movie is a gay movie if it has a gay actor or director. A song is a gay song if it involves a gay performer. Art is gay propaganda if it is created by a gay artist. The parade is billed correctly you’re just to ignorant to understand something that is not an alternate fact. We’ll just call you what you are.


Mac..feel free to call me an irredeemable deplorable..That is what I am and very proud of it..I must say you have a very twisted sense of logic..The stress of living in that tiny rent controlled apartment with your mother must be taking a toll on you..Anyway get out next week and enjoy the circus or parade or whatever you want to call it!


-poor angry MAGA , You didn’t get one fact about me right. You’re an expert with alternative fact. You should thrive in a Trump ruled world while watching Fox News and cheering on slob Limbaugh.


Angry MAGA?…WRONG! Trump won the election you imbecile..Put on your pink hat and march up Skillman or to Trump Tower it won’t make a difference!

Putin killed a reporter

MAGA – you’re the one who appears to be the imbecile Mac never said anything about Trump and the election. He said you would thrive in his world. Maybe you should take a remedial reading class. People who can’t read a simple post have no business throwing around word like imbecile and that is not an alternative fact.

Juan julio

Great, more drunks. At least ssp warns you to stay away from these bars on drunk day. Time to visit the relatives out on l.i. on march 5. Hopefully a few illegals will be rounded up and put on air lingus


-Juan At least illegal Irish don’t destroy the quality of life like some immigrants do. I never heard somebody say they were afraid to walk through an Irish neighborhood.


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