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Icon 52 Touting ‘Affordable Luxury’ More Than 50% Leased, According to The Real Deal

50-05 Queens Blvd

March 7, 2014 Staff Report

Woodside’s first luxury rental building, Icon52, is more than 50 percent leased after less than three weeks of leasing.

Developed by Tsilo Group and marketed by Modern Spaces, the 66-unit building is located at 52-05 Queens Boulevard at 52nd Street. It offers studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments starting at $1,500 per month.

The homes range in size from 403 square feet to 806 square feet, according to a release from Modern Spaces.

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the view from the roof deck is from the throgs neck bridge to the verazzano bridge, with all of manhattan and downtown brooklyn in between…not that great i guess…


Hipsters? I live in the building next to this and all I’ve seen so far are families and young people from all walks of life.


Wonder what a “virtual” doorman is, exactly. Do you have to give him a virtual tip at Christmas?

Kramden's Delicious Marshall


I live in a rock solid, pre-WW2 building that is way better than anything built recently. Back then, they even made an effort to make the buildings look nice, unlike the eye sores they throw together nowadays.


who wants to live in @ a place that went up in no time with the cheapest materials walls paper thin no space a view of a cemetary —OH THATS RIGHT a hipster with $$$$$$$$$ that THINKS his apt is gonna last forever – these places are built by fly by nite operations and my OLD STURDY BRICK WALK UP APT thats 100 yrs old will be here long after that crap falls apart!


“old timers don’t see the value in these new buildings. Many people are willing to have less space in exchange for newer amenitites.”

there’s nothing that pisses me off for paying someone a lot of money to open and close a door all day long. and they call it luxury? really? in front on one of the largest cemeteries in queens and right on the noisiest highway in queens? i wouldn’t want to be breathing all those carcinogens day and night.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Hey, the people who permanently reside just across the street don’t have much elbow room either. But it is sure difficult to evict them.


old timers don’t see the value in these new buildings. Many people are willing to have less space in exchange for newer amenitites.

Craic Dealer

Oh yea and the roof was just ok too. It does have a deck around the whole building but the air ducts are right in your face. Not that great. And, again… the view is just not that great!

Craic Dealer

I viewed all the bedrooms they had to offer. It just ok. The building west of it blocked the view. Its not that great view of the Man. skyline. It does have an outstanding view of that cemetery.


OK, I guess since no one has said it yet I’ll just go ahead and get the party started:


Plain Spoken

@Oldschool Sunnsider-Learn to spell and stop attacking people. Krissi is one of the few respectful commenters on this site. Your petty comment shows you to be one of the a-holes.

Oldschool Sunnsider

Poor Krissi….she got shut out and there is no commission for her….Boo hoo hoo.


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