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Hardware Store, Hair Salon and Dental Office to open in Sunnyside

Hardware store to open on 46th Street

June 20, 2014 By Christian Murray

A hardware store, hair salon and dental office are all opening in Sunnyside.

A hardware store is going to take over a little more than half the space that was previously occupied by Grand 99 Cent Store, located at 45-24 46th Street. While the landlord confirmed the information, he elected not to provide any details such as when the store will open or the name of the tenant.

Grand 99 Cent Store vacated the location in May 2012, and it looked as though a liquor store was going to move in to the 5,000 square foot space. However, a number of smaller liquor stores banded together and were able to convince the State Liquor Authority not to grant the prospective tenant with a license.

With that deal falling through, the landlord split the property into two stores, with one now going to a hardware store.

Meanwhile, a hair salon is moving into the location that was previously occupied by Magic Touch Hair Salon, at 44-19 Queens Boulevard. The hair salon is expected to open next month.

Next door to the hair salon, a dentist is about to open where Carpati Transport was previously located at 44-17 Queens Boulevard.

The owner of Carpati, which focused heavily on shipping items to Romania, retired from the business in March and his lease has been taken over by a dentist.

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43rd & 43rd

Trader Joe’s is not a discount store. If you want to know what a discount store looks like, check out the 99-cent stores on every block in Sunnyside.


This Trader Joe’s theme is getting tiresome. More seating, cars banned, an eating establishment with outdoor seating I’d love to try that Peruvian chicken places but it looks crowded in there. If they had outdoor seating, that would be great. A low-key beer garden would be so nice- they could have the Mets game played over the speakers, or even some local musicians. A lot of people criticized those benches that were installed, but I see that they get a lot of use. We need to balance all of these commercial establishments with some social engineering. An oasis is what we need there, not a hardware store.


Why move to Manhattan for Trader Joe’s? They have another them in Queens already and Brooklyn. It’s a discount store they are not exclusive or special. They are overrated. They own Aldi also. Sunnyside doesn’t have a store big enough for them anywar. Also if they did open they would more likely go to Astoria.

It’s hilarious that people think it’s a fancy Manhattan store. Clearly some people need to get out more.

43rd & 43rd

@Sycamore, there’s a hardware store on the north side at Queens Blvd between 40th-41st Sts. Small but it gets the job done.

South Side Johnny

All these salons- pretty soon we’ll have lots of gorgeous woman walking around, right?


Hey Hipsta Thugg:

I don’t think too many people on this site have lives or else they wouldn’t be doing this.

Sunnyside Native

Isn’t the salon moving into Magic Touch the same owner Sergei who works at the salon on 44th Street, near Subway’s? So it’s not really new stylists coming to our neighborhood, but a salon getting a facelift and a current salon owner changing locations.

Hot Mugshot Guy

Sad that people have to swipe other peoples names, thats the problem with this site. You can claim to be anyone. Today I am The Hot Mugshot Guy everyones talking about. I have a chisled jaw and a criminal record but women want me.

Original Hipsta Thugg

1:18 and 1:21 were not Hipsta Thugg comments, just someone with no life.


I like Plain Spoken’s idea. He thinks he’s being funny but similar stores around the city are actually popping up.


@hipstathugg — your comment are so desperately lame and unfunny to the point that I feel sorry for you.

Hipsta Thugg

I’m actually happy about the new salon. It gives me another place to get a pedicure. And I am not a hater. I’m a lover. Just of men. Nothing wrong with that.

Hipsta Thugg

I am the Hipsta Thugg. Everything that I say is stupid so I can get attention. I’m actually a 16 year d kid with acne who is not even allowed out after 8. Outrageous!


Hipsta Thugg – either you or someone like you posted a similar comment a few months ago. Wasn’t funny then and guess what… it isn’t funny now.

Flores 65

Anyone who keeps on mentioning Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fairway, etc. should know there won’t be one in Sunnyside, and it never will be! Deal with it!

Hipsta Thugg

i just moved here from Willaimsburg because of these extremely low rents. First things first, where can I get my mustache and beard trimmed? Where can I purchase ethically and responsibly farmed bacon and bacon products? And finally who is this guy “Squirtz? He seems like a man I need to know about. He carries quite a mystique around these here parts.


So many businesses have closed in the Sunnyside/Woodside area in the past 7 years due to outrageous rent increases, or Health Dept. closings. Good luck to the new businesses. We need realistic landlords who know this is a poor economy to ask for greater income to them. Yet, at the same time, influence much needed popular, customer support. It is to any landlord’s advantage.

Ignorance is Bliss Street


Perhaps those same high rents that forced out your old hardware place are preventing this one from setting up shop near you.

Plain Spoken

It should be an all-in-one store. Have your teeth and hair done while trying out some hammers and nails.


Since Step-by-Step on Skillman Avenue was forced out of business by rising rents after decades of neighborly service, the north side of Queens Blvd. has had no hardware store. Why not move in on our side, Hardware Person?


Or go to the Trader Joe’s one on Woodhaven Boulevard — these places are not big enough for a store that size —


Such haters on this site.

All these new small businesses are actually a good sign for the economy. Good luck guys!


why is trader joe’s constantly brought up as soon as there’s a store opening? if you want a trader joe’s in the vicinity of your home, move to manhattan.


Do we need another hardware store, dentist and hair salon? Probably not. Do we need a Trader Joe’s, DEFINITELY. Come on, time for the neighborhood to catch up with 2014.


isnt there a hardware store on 45th st off the corner of Queens Blvd? 1 block away?

which goes out of business 1st?


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