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Gianaris Calls for Rent Suspension for Small Businesses and Residents Amid Crisis

Twitter: Senator Gianaris

March 20, 2020 By Christian Murray

State Sen. Mike Gianaris is calling for a 90-day suspension of residential and commercial rent for tenants and small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Under Gianaris’ proposal, residential and commercial tenants would have 90 days of rent forgiven if they lost their work or closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Evictions in the state have been frozen by a moratorium issued by the Unified Court System and Governor Andrew Cuomo has already ordered a 90-day mortgage moratorium.

Gianaris is in the process of drafting the legislation but is calling for its implementation as soon as possible, including by executive order if necessary.

“Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, New York is doing an excellent job managing this crisis, but the devastation caused by coronavirus will be far reaching and long lasting,” Gianaris said.

“We must stay on top of the fast-changing consequences of our efforts to contain the virus, and the millions of tenants in our state cannot be left behind. Suspending rents is a critically important step to help New Yorkers survive this unprecedentedly difficult time.”

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E Edwards

Your moniker speaks louder than you do…….my guess is your angry because you have no stake. You have a right to that….but not at my expense.

E Edwards

Have never overcharged my tenants …..and yes there are landlords that are terrible but just as many bad tenants …I’ve never had to take anyone to court in 20 years..I’m a hard working individual . I clean hallways…sort trash….I have tenants living in my building over 10 years and have raised the rent only once. Do you know why? Because I have respect for people that also work hard, trying to make a good life and raise a family. So you paint everyone with the same brush? Identity politics at its best….that’s prejudice in its essence.
When you rent an apt there exists a social contract. You agree to pay for shelter and services. In return, I agree to provide you with a suitable place to live…..and accept a duty for the money you pay in return. I do that because I’m motivated by the opportunity this country gave me to the fruit of my own labor. My labor. I’m not asking nor expect anything free…..I do pay health insurance although I haven’t needed it….but if I do need it …I expect the coverage in return for what I paid ……….I pay my way. I also believe in a social safety net for those that can’t make their way thru no fault of their own…not for those motivated by envy , sloth or cowardice

Mike o.

Landlords like you have been overcharging Tennants for years. Deal with it. Your Tennants rent probably pays your whole monthly nut. You probably live nice a comfortable with that fat rent check and now you might not be able to afford that 4th car.


There should be a 90 moratorium on credit card payments so as not to ruin everyone’d credit scores.


you cant suspend rent until you suspend mortgages and property taxes. its all tied together. these politicians should think things through before speaking.

so short sighted

With unemployment expected to have a double digit increase in the future wouldn’t it be great if we had the promise of 25K+ good paying jobs coming to western queens. Let me ask you Gianaris have you ever created one single job?

E Edwards

I agree if the tenants that truly need the help get the relief….but as a small landlord….far from rich… about if the city abated property taxes for landlords affected by this legislation….I too have a family and a mortgage to pay that is not covered under the relief….I will still have to pay property taxes, water bills, heat and hot water…along with maintenance of the property….how am I to do that?


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