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Get the Inside Scoop on Sunnyside Real Estate in Free Forum, for Beginners to Experts

Panelists for “The Scoop: Local Real Estate”

Nov. 20, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A free event focusing on local real estate has been planned for Tuesday, where the public can get answers on best buying, selling, and renting practices for Sunnyside and Woodside directly from neighborhood brokers and experts.

The event, called “The Scoop: Local Real Estate” will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 21, in the Queens of Angels church auditorium, located at 44-04 Skillman Ave. Topics of discussion will center on residential real estate, where a group of local brokers will “tell it like it is” on items like market prospects, apartment pricing, the difference between co-ops and condos, and more.

Attendees do not need to be experts on real estate to learn from the event—a short glossary of terms will be handed out, and a Q&A session is also worked into the night. The event will not touch on specific listings or sales, but will instead be an opportunity to have brokers individually assess and give their inputs on a range of residential real estate questions.

The forum comes about in the midst of a rapidly growing Long Island City, which has brought with it an increased interest in Sunnyside and Woodside as a place to live, build, and invest in property.

Brokers featured at the free event, brought by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, include Mohamed Bessai of Olympic City Real Estate, Amy FitzGerald from Welcome Home Real Estate, and Scott Cooper from Cooper Real Estate. Ira Greenberg, a real estate lawyer, will also be part on the forum. Lisa Deller, head of community board’s 2’s land use committee, will be the event’s moderator.

No RSVP is required, but to secure a seat, contact the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce.

“The Scoop: Local Real Estate”


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This person trolling the family of this man is possibly the saddest commenter on here. What a coward.

Grape Soda/BBQ Chips Barbara the ruler of 39 Place

My dad Neil will be speaking at this event on how to properly manage your potential RE investment. He will discuss how to keep miscreants like Bruno and his Blue t-shirt buddy from becoming a burden to the building.


You guys had to pick the worst of the worst to represent Sunnyside real estate. These guys don’t care at all about getting the best price but only making a quick buck for themselves.
Do your research and find someone better.

Mike 40st.

Beware. Real estate agents are thieves. All they care about is picking your pocket. They will try to sell your property fast and get a quick commission and not have your best interest at heart. They don’t card if you don’t get max value, as long as they make a fast buck and on to the next sucker. Like me.

Patricia Dorfman

“The Scoop” has been moved to the Church Parish Hall across the street which is the same corner, 44th St. and Skillman Ave., in Sunnyside. Street level easier for some. All are welcome, but there is a room capacity limit.


are they going to tell the truth about how much money they are giving JVB in his pockets for all of this real estate i doubt it very much


Its ALWAYS time to buy when you are on a commission only pay scale!!!!!!!!

It amazes me how many people have more money then brains you are paying way too much for housing yet have no IRA or money for a car


says a renter for life. my apt tripled in value over the 5 years that i’ve lived in sunnyside. i took a calculated risk and it paid off.
and why would you need a car in nyc? that’s just foolish and an insane waste of money.


Bundy- We’re sick and tired of hearing about your studio apartment. I guess you over paid and took out to large of a mortgage if a car is out of reach. You just haven’t arrived.

El loco


I’m begging you to stop writing in. You’re the most boring human being on earth. Just stop.


El loco- Bruno has to stop posting because he calls you out for the low wage low performing low IQ imbecile you are?? If you can’t handle it maybe you’re the one who should stop writing in.

Real estate agents

You are a pauper. This, believe it or not is not the city. Mist people need and have cars. That’s good your apartment tripled. Sell now before the bubble burst. Go now. Do it.


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