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Frozen Yogurt Store on Greenpoint Ave. Opens


Photo: QueensPost

March 11, 2014 By Christian Murray

The long-awaited frozen yogurt store at 45-12 Greenpoint Avenue opened yesterday.

The store, called 4 Squared Flavors, was expected to open in October but there were delays stemming from a dispute with a contractor.

The store is 2,700 sqf and comes with a lounge area where customers are able to sit back and relax on couches. There is also a special area where iPads are provided (see photo), so people can surf the web while they eat their yogurt.

The shop offers 16 flavors, including: Irish mint, mango tango sorbet, red velvet cake, pistachio,  very strawberry, cookies ‘n cream, New York cheesecake, and blueberry.

Khalil Nayl, the co-owner, said the store will be having a grand opening party in about three weeks.

The store’s walls have been painted with colors such as pink and green and there are LED lights, which can change colors, installed throughout.

It is open 11am-11 pm (Sun.-Wednesday) and 11am-midnight (Thursday-Saturday).

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Guys, stop hating! Sunnyside is a wonderful place open to friendly new faces and businesses! If you’re not a fan of FroYo, or don’t like the idea this store has, no one is forcing you to come here 🙂

Let’s see how well the shop does, and m guess is that it will do well. The employees are very friendly, the FroYo and atmosphere rock, and I think the punchcards they gave out were a fun way to promote the store.

Congrats to the owners, and I hope you do well!


Went here for a mommy meetup. Our preschoolers had space to run around while we chatted. The iPads made it so we could chat a little longer. The staff is really friendly. Wish they had the option of kiwi as a topping.
Hope this place does well.

Khalil Nayl

Thanks everyone for the compliments! It really means a lot to us. We are having such a good time in this neighborhood and a lot of you are supporting us. We are really excited to be here and hopefully stay here for a long time. However, We will be having a lot of events throughout the year. Our goal is to try and participate in every holiday. We will also be changing up flavors once a month to keep everything exciting. Our next flavors on the list are birthday cake, pomegranate raspberry sorbet, and cotton candy. We hope to see you guys soon. If you guys have any advice please let us know so we can try and organize them. Furthermore, Grand Opening Party on April 3rd, 2014. Make sure you stop by. Red ribbon cutting will be exactly at 12pm. Thanks!

Dorothy Morehead

I went last Friday with my granddaughter, Sophia, 8. I don’t know who loved it more. The place is friendly, immaculately clean, colorful…and, oh yea, the yoghurt and toppings are great! You can try any of the yoghurts in a little sample cup, then you serve yourself from a bank of yoghurt dispensers, add any toppings you like from a large selection, then weigh your cup and pay (52 cents an ounce). My favorite was pistachio with toasted chopped almonds. We went after school and the place was very busy. We can’t wait to go back. Good luck to this wonderful addition to the neighborhood.


There once was a nice big ice cream parlor on 46 St & Greenpoint. Break a leg guys.


My husband and I went in for dessert tonight.

I thought it was great. We had the cake batter and caramel yogurt.

The girls behind the counter were very nice and had smiles on their faces.

The store, while very colorful, was fun.

I hope people support it, because it’s a great addition to the neighborhood.


To you new folks/hipsters: ignore Rubin / Sunnysideposthatesme14 and her loopy comments.

Sometimes she doesn’t take his medicine and begins fantasizing that she is a comedian and an astute observer of culture and human behavior. Engage this fool at your own risk.


@Sunnysideposthatesme14- What’s wrong with you dude? Have some positive energy! What did the world ever do to you to make you so bitter? And FYI, Sunnyside has never tried to be Park Slope or any Park Slope because -since YOU are comparing- is simply better (minus the architecture).

Good Luck Owners, we will be definitely supporting you.


…and for the record, Yuppies are all over Sunnyside. Not just in 43rd. Sunnysideposthatesme14, you need a lot of researching to do. Do not generalize.


Some people leave bad comments like they contribute something in this neighborhood. How about let’s just support each other? If you think this frozen yogurt place is not for you, then so be it. Leave them alone, and just go somewhere else. Go get a dollar sundae cone or frosty.

Bottomline is, let us support our local stores. They need us. We need them.

Welcome to Sunnyside, 4SquaredFlavors!

Pumped U Up Putin

why bother with yogurt? thats like watching the WNBA when you can watch the NBA.

Eat ice cream.


If you have nothing good to say shut up. Stop being so negative.
Good luck to the owners and welcome to the neighborhood.


Good luck to the owners. Greenpoint avenue needs some nice stores. Wish the pawn stores could be got rid of on queens blvd. Horrible horrible additions to our once nice neigherhood


this thing will be closed in 3 months. you guys are so desperately trying to turn Sunnyside into some Park Slope but it will never be. Families will just go to the McDonalds and get their kids themselves a dollar ice cream.

And case the owners reading this don’t know…Yuppies don’t hang on the south side, they racist. They all hang in 43rd wondering why there’s so much crime.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Nice to have something frozen in the neighborhood that’s not mountains of ice or snow.


WOW good addition . Will look forward to taking a walk
to try their product.

Best of luck ………..


The signage and street appearance is a vast improvement over the ugly street scape on Greenpoint Ave.


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