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Former Sunnyside Resident Nominated For an Oscar

Jan. 10, 2013 Staff Report

Benh Zeitlin, who was raised in Sunnyside, was nominated Thursday for an Oscar.

The Motion Picture Academy nominated him for his work on the Oscar-nominated film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

Zeitlin received nominations for directing and writing for the film’s adapted screenplay, which he wrote with longtime friend Lucy Alibar. “Beasts” was also nominated for best film.

Zeitlin, 30, was born in New York City and raised in Sunnyside, Queens. He reportedly began his career as a filmmaker at the tender age of 6 when he and a friend made a Batman movie. He continued making films as a child before attending Wesleyan University, where he majored in film.

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Get a Life

Ben Affleck was great and younger brother Casey (“Gone Baby Gone”) is also a pretty good actor. I will give most films 30 minutes – and then if it is not happening, I walk out.

Local talent!!

Congratulations!!! This is amazing!! For this film to get the acclaim it’s gotten is so cool. Ride the wave and enjoy that ride… all the best. Thank you for your talent.

Rick Duro

Loved Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis amazes me just about every time he steps in front of a camera. His performance in There Will Be Blood was one of the best acting jobs ever. I rank it up there with Deniro in Raging Bull. In Lincoln you absolutely forget it’s DDL.

Sally Field was excellent as well. I felt the first 20min, or so, dragged a bit, but the film really caught fire after that.

Argo was excellent, and I am not a big Affleck fan.

Going to see Zero Dark Thirty tomorrow. I hope it can match up with the Nat Geo ‘The Hunt for Osama’ special from a few months back. Might have been the best cable special of the year.

I’d never walk out of a movie. I always research my films. I will never forget watching scores of elderly people on the Upper East Side (Beekman Arms-MISS THAT THEATER!!! on 66th.)walk out of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Natural Born Killers. They went because there was ‘buzz’, having no clue what they were getting into.



Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor but the script was ponderous. Gimme action films! Why did the Academy snub Ben Affleck’s performance in Argo? Also, Moonrise Kingdom was great. Whimsical and funny.

Oppressed Masses

Thanks Julia. Did you see Loncoln? Your thoughts on the movie? I liked Lincoln a lot, especially Sally Fields performance.


I thought it it was boring. I did like Argo though, and Flight. Good acting and directing. Ben Affleck has turned into a good director and actor and Denzel was great in Flight. Made an unsympathetic character sympathetic. The Academy has made some weird picks lately. And that is the movie lecture of the day! Enjoy your weekend.


@Rubin get a life. All the energy you use to comment on this site can be channeled in a more positive way


Let me just be clear! I can hate as much as the other people who say stuff on here. I like to write things I would never dare to say to anyone in person (unless I were very drunk). The whole purpose of the internet for me is to free my unconscious of all my ignorance and hate so that some day, maybe, I can become human.
Honestly, at Ariyoshi, I went over and ate that Sashimi. Yum!


Some folks go to the movies very casually, plunking down ten bucks without doing even superficial research on the film they’ve chosen. Me? I like to read a few reviews from writers whose opinions I’ve grown to respect before investing time and money in watching a film. Can’t remember ever walking out on a film!

When I saw this “art film” in Sunnyside, there was a woman in my row who had smuggled some food in- I could see her surreptitiously eating from her purse, and I swear, it looked like Japanese food. and then the film started and after 10 minutes, she suddenly got up and left! I fell asleep shortly thereafter and do not remember anything about the movie.


“…lower middle-class enclave…”

LOL. I didn’t realize houses cost $800k-$1mil in lower middle class enclaves. Leave it to the media.


To the person pretending to be me and the other one saying I post hate,

look at the comments that people drop on this forum. THEY spread Hate. The guy who has an unhealthy hard on for JVB and his dog park or lack of vigils. The other guy who made cracks about Irish. That one chick who made a comment about a concrete jungle and ghetto people.

Those Goobers are full of Hate. I …am more annoyed.

now for my comment: Why would you pay to see a movie then walk out? That’s a Hipster move. so they can go brag about it to their Hipster friends. “Oh look at me, I had the resolve and personal discipline to walk away from something because it was soooo contrived”


It’s like this one time I was at Ariyoshi and I saw this lady eating lunch by herself. She left 2 whole good pieces of Sashimi on her plate. You got people who are eating canned tuna for dinner and this chick is gonna leave two pieces of perfectly good Sashimi on her plate?!?! I felt like going over to her plate and eating them just to make a statement!


What a movie.
Could careless if he is a hippie. He made something mainstream Hollywood wouldn’t touch.


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