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Five Below, a Discount Store Targeting Teenagers, Opens on 48th Street

Photo: QueensPost

July 7, 2014 Staff Report

It’s a cut above a 99 cent store.

Five Below, a retail store that targets the teen and pre-teen market, opened late last month at 34-41 48th Street. It takes over the space that was previously occupied by Closeout Paradise.

The store, which sells merchandise for between $1.00 and $5.00, features items such as sporting goods, fashion accessories, school supplies and iPhone accessories.

The new store is part of a chain, which consists of more than 300 stores nationwide.

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43rd & 43rd

Chain dollar stores are a step up, at least!

The Five Belows that I’ve been in were clean and interesting. They sold fewer staples, like the big 99c store on Queens Blvd., and more tween/teen/20something stuff as mentioned. I’ll probably check it out; they usually have super discounted makeup.

Concerned Hipster

SSPHM16’s origin story, I have on good authority, has something to do with being outbid by $3K on a $50K brownstone in Park Slope back in 1983. I’d be cheesed off and all.

I don’t know one dog run from another but I went past on my morning jog to Cafe Bene the other day and I saw a city worker installing a miniature treadmill with a robot poop-a-scoop.

Changing the subject, what about that Sunnyside Slimer, eh?

The Hipsta Thugg

If I can get a job here I can move out of my moms house, shes on my back and its annoyying! I just wanna stay home and play xbox

george thorogood

this chain is pretty cool, I love browsing thru their stuff. i would describe it more as if a twenty something was in charge of stocking the shelves. I recently bought a mini strobe light and a couple brand new ripleys believe it or not big hardcover books all for like 10 bucks for my kids. I go to one in NJ which has some pretty cool hip stuff, went to one on Philly I think which was less interesting.


Exactly what Sunnyside needs, take your bars and your over priced mediocre restaurants and suck it hipsters…suck it long and suck it hard.

All your attempts to change this neighborhood to justify the high rents has failed. Your most famous endeavor, the dog run, is pathetic when compared to other dog runs in other neighborhoods. I love it, I laugh my ass off when I see another hippy couple moving out of my building , I let off a maniacal laugh when I see an apartment go empty for months and months because they refuse to lower the rent.

This is all going to blow over and Bramer will eventually move on to bigger things and leave Sunnyside in the dust.

The Hipsta Thugg

Wow, I’m really glad I decided to live in Sunnysjde. Only 300 other stores like this exist. I wonder if I can get a part time job?!


Five Below’s target market isn’t teenagers. I have been to many of these as a great place to get stocking stuffers for all those who I give to. I look forward to going there shortly.


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