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Filming for Spider-Man to take place in Sunnyside Tuesday


Sept. 26, 2016 Staff Report

Spider-Man:Homecoming will be filming in Sunnyside Tuesday and many residents throughout the neighborhood will have to move their vehicles.

The filming will primarily take place on 43rd Street (between Queens Blvd and 43rd Avenue) and a production crew has been working on the creation of an exterior set at the corner of Queens Blvd/43rd Street for the past week. The crew has erected a temporary Cricket Wireless store and Pizza Hut for some of the exterior scenes, which will be taken down following the shoot.fakeset

Several business owners on the street where the filming will take place have received hundreds of dollars in compensation.

The film has a working title of the ‘Summer of George’ a reference to a Seinfeld episode, according to many entertainment news outlets.

The Spider-Man film stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker alongside Zendaya as the female lead Michelle. Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei, and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) will also make appearances in the movie.

This latest incarnation of Spider-Man, debuted in Captain America: Civil War and is now spinning off in an independent film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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Really thought that was a real pizza hut. Was thinking they could put spicy pizza out of business and their nasty pizza. Had my plans to carry out a nice cheesy stuff crust. Can we sign a petition and build a pizza hut there?


I’m pretty sure I know a bit more about pizza then you. Worked in one of the best pizza spots in NYC. So with that being said spicy pizza is awful and expensive for pizza that’s inconsistent.


I agree that Spicy Pizza isn’t great, but Pizza Hut is not the alternative. Your credibility as a pizza expert is not enhanced by your love of Pizza Hut. It’s sounds like Trumps bromance with Putin – something is not right there.

Great Idea Coming Your Way....

Can we look into the location for the now defunct Sports Authority for this new proposed Middle School?
It provides: 1) Bigger area than proposed Barnett location 2) Multiple access roads 3) Easier access for surrounding neighborhoods 4) Preserves the integrity of Sunnyside Gardens.
Please talk to the local goverment people about finding a better location that Barnett Avenue. It’s not the right location.

clinton emascualtes trump

kids would get mowed down on Northern Blvd. I know youd like to keep your lovely sunnyside gardens the way it was in 1940. What the hell does preserving the integrity of SSG mean? Your taking a defunct pool hall bringing in a school where kids can be educated. yeah but i know its all about you and your property values. another selfish ssg resident.

Sunnyside Kreegs

I live right next door to the fake store facades on 43rd, and couldn’t be happier to see filming on my block. I work in tv & film in VFX and love being any small part of the filmmaking process. Happy to have Spider-Man filming in Sunnyside again, and especially right where I live. Looking forward to seeing other films shot in the bank, movie theater, and maybe one day, PJ Horgans.


Why can’t the City coordinate these permits with alternate side days? This is a real pain for those of us who live in this area and try to park!


Spider Man teams up with Change Guy to stop a bank robber at Chase Bank. The bank robber is revealed to be 46th Street Masturbator. As his reward, Chase bank converts Change Guy’s coins into dollar bills.


The owner of that (for sale) building is making bank on all the TV/Movies/Ads being shot there. Really sucks to live next to what is basically an unlicensed film set.


The notice says filming will continue til 2 AM in the morning. Many residential blocks will be used for food and equipment trucks, keeping everyone awake. Plus for two nights running. people can’t park on many streets. This has gotten out of hand.


ann, I’m sorry you are this cranky.
are you 70? old? boring? its two days of quick shoots. Not a fast and furious scene. be happy the hood is getting some Love.


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