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Elected Officials to Hold Press Conference Following Sunnyside Attack

Mike Novak

April 9, 2012 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Mike Novak, the local resident who came to the aid of a woman being sexually assaulted yesterday morning, will speak out against the sex attack which took place in Sunnyside on Easter Sunday.

Van Bramer is holding the press conference as well as leafleting the area to raise awareness about the incident and help police identify the perpetrator responsible for the crime.

The press conference will take place at 7:00 am Tuesday, April 10th.

Location: 46 Street and Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside

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Mr. Novak, Thank You!!!

Sunnyside Post, please fix the headline. Mr. Novak is the hero.


the headline + the picture lead the reader to believe that is a photo of the groper. just sayin.

Dorothy Morehead

I was visiting family upstate when Mike called my son early on Easter morning to tell us what happened. I’m not at all surprised that Mike came to the rescue–he is one of the most caring, involved, and certainly fearless people I have ever known. He deserves the praise he is receiving. Thanks, Mike.

5 Foot Gremlin

Much thanks to Mr. Novak. For the ladies, please consider buying a pepper spray and having it with you. It’ll at least help you get away in the event of such an assault. Be safe.

Susan (one of two)

Suggest you re-caption that photo to make it very clear that Mike Novak is the Good Samaritan, not the groper. As it is now, you have a headline, his photo and name, and it’s only clear to me because I am already aware of the story.


For the record I hope the creep is caught quickly. But I am afraid that he will have to strike again to be caught.


Mike Novak is a hero – but I can do without Chritine Quinn’s histrionics as she is running for mayor. Let the 108th handle this. Not Quinn. I will bet that out city councilman got her to come out here.

Sunnyside Post

Roxy. The press conference is at 7:00 am.
The politicians want to inform people on their way to work.


Please confirm the time of the press conference. The article above says 7AM, which seems unusually early in the day for such an event.


I have often disagreed with Mr Novak on this site but I tip my hat to him for his praise-worthy action and character in this incident. The neighborhood is a better place when people like him get involved. Thugs like this attacker will think twice knowing we have people who are not afraid to confront cowardly, perverted predators.

Sunny Skies

This is certainly one press conference worth attending people!
Trust will see you all there to send these jerks packing with a unified message loud and clear – not in my backyard!!!!
There is strength in numbers and together we can work with law enforcement to protect our families, homes, cars, and beloved neighborhood from the encroachment of malicious outsiders taking advantage of the goodness of our community


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