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Dumplings & Noodle Eatery Expected to Open Late January


Photo: QueensPost

Dec. 31, 2014 By Christian Murray

A dumplings and noodles eatery is expected to open on 46th Street by the end of January.

The owner of Dumplings & Things, which will be located at 45-26 46th Street, said that she has nearly completed construction and aims to open late January.

The eatery, she said, will have about 30 seats. There will not be table service, with the owner describing the restaurant as “fast casual.”

The menu will consist of soup, baos (steamed buns filled with pork/beef/vegetables), and a wide selection of noodles and dumplings (both steamed and fried). The food will include a mix of Chinese and other Asian flavors.

The owner has another restaurant—offering the same style of food—in Park Slope.

The restaurant is moving into a portion of the space that was once occupied by Grand 99 Cent Store, which left about 2 years ago. The other portion was leased to Signature Paint & Home Center, which opened this summer.

In other news, a nail salon has recently opened at 41-22 Greenpoint Avenue replacing a check-cashing store. The salon is located next door to Blue Z Liquor, which opened about nine months ago.

Meanwhile, Blaze Fitness, a private training studio, opened recently at 45-12 43rd Avenue, which was previously occupied by an accounting office.

Collin Davis, the owner of Blaze Fitness, said that he offers one-on-one sessions with clients and provides everything from a food plan to an exercise regimen.


Photo: QueensPost


Photo: QueensPost

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South Side Johnny

Yes, a Trader Joe’s and a Century 21. Maybe Eataly will open a branch in Sunnyside, as it makes so much sense. Glad to see we’ve got some visionaries around here!


AMEN to that! There’s an empty warehouse on Roosevelt Ave and 56th and another lot across the street. I’ve been quietly praying someone would build something useful for Sunnyside/Woodside residents.


I would be thrilled to pay 3.50 for 5 dumplings of good to great quality. Not highway robbery at all if the quality is up to snuff. I thought I saw some out of touch comments on the internet – then I stopped by and read the comments on Sunnyside post. Woah.


I’m not sure of how many people actually reside in Sunnyside, but most probably have ten fingernails and ten toenails, so that’s a huge potential market.
Twenty-three nail salons might not even be enough!

Mark blue

How about you take your own money and create a business you would like to see rather than just sitting around and complaining

Pet store guy

Let’s hope in 2015 the dirty pet store gets closed forever and all the pets get rescued. Is anyone else in favor?


You need to be more specific. I think that you mean the pet store on 46th Street across from the Key Foods supermarket. It is the only one in Sunnyside that actually sells pets, such as dogs, cats, and birds, and even runs “specials” on them from time to time. Our other pet stores only sell products for pets, and some also do grooming. The 46th Street store is a narrow hole-in-the-wall that reeks of filth and seems a potential fire trap.

el loco

alright. i like dumplings! not another nail salon! isn’t there a zoning ordinance against so many nail salons in one neighborhood?

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

The new Tibetan dumpling place over by PC Richard is very good as well. I recommend them.


their prices are likely to be cheaper than listed at the park slope location, but $3.50 for 5 dumplings is highway robbery

South Side Johnny

The take-out place on 48th Ave. that I frequent sells dumplings @ 6 for $4.55 (76c ea.) Shrimp dumplings are more expensive at 6 for $5.25 (84c each.)

These prices, by comparison, are cheaper, John. Have you actually bought any take-out food lately? Maybe those menus you’re consulting are from the eighties and do not reflect today’s prices? Time to recycle them and quit living in the past. I, for one, will line up to buy these dumplings if they’re any good, especially if they’re comparably less expensive than other stores and they sell them for on 70c each! That’s the OPPOSITE of highway robbery.


it’s better to just get a large wonton soup at any of the chinese restaurants around the neighborhood. you get 5 or 6 dumplings and soup for just $3.


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