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Driver Plows Through Grocery Store Window

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 8, 2012 Staff Report

A car was struck broadside and pushed into a Sunnyside grocery store on 43rd Ave. last night.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the vehicles was speeding along 42nd Street, went through a red light and hit the other vehicle traveling east on 43rd Avenue.  A 4-wheel drive then thumped into the side of the Sunnyside Market grocery, located at 42-08 43rd Ave.

The incident occurred a little after 7:50 pm.

The FDNY was called at 7:56 pm, according to a spokesman, and two people were transported to Mt Sinai Hospital in Astoria from the scene. Their condition was unknown.

A Sunnyside Market store worker said that nobody was too badly injured and there was no significant damage to the store.


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Preschool Teacher

Regarding the burning fire truck, I was stuck on the Q32 on 40th St and Queens Blvd waiting for the fireman to let the traffic pass. It’s always something!


How do we go about getting speed bumps put in on 42nd? It is a residential road and people speed down it all the time. I can’t believe that no one was seriously injured as that corner is always full of at least 3-4 people at any given time. Thank goodness. Be safe out there sunnysiders!


I think speed bumps would be really helpful on 42nd St. I live at this corner, and am outside walking my dogs frequently. There are always people flying down this street, and I am always a bit fearful crossing at this intersection. I found out that my husband was standing at this corner with my dogs about 3 minutes before this accident. They would have all been killed. I am so shocked that no one was killed or hurt on the street. There are so many people around this area, we really do need some protection from the idiots behind the wheel that think it is fun to go 50 mph down a one lane residential road and run red lights like it is nothing. SPEED BUMPS would help!!! How do we go about asking for this? Anyone done this before?


There was another accident this afternoon at 43rd and 43rd sometime after 5pm. Don’t know the circumstances, but it appeared it was another beat the light/jump the light perpendicular collision.

Rick Duro

I was walking out of my apt when the drag racing car, which started in front of the school, took off. They later spun their tires near the park on Skillman.

About 15min later the accident happened. These 2 cars had nothing to do with drag racing, one of them was speeding and ran a red light, which I see people do all the time on 43rd and a speed bump would be an excellent addition, right in front of the school.

For the people that complain about X and Y and enjoy stirring the pot, fanning the flames, so desperate for attention….ask yourself this question:

What have YOU done to improve the lives of folks in Sunnyside? Hiding behind your computer and typing doesn’t do much. Make a difference, get involved. Do something.




Agreed with Mr. Wilson – speed bumps would do the trick.

As for adding cameras to street corners .. I don’t think it would be a good idea. More big brother watching is never a good thing.


Yuppies and Hipsters is mine!

I’m surprised there’s speeding on 43rd ave usually there’s so many cars and trucks double parked that there’s no way people can speed. I guess they can just tweak the red light timers that seems to work in other neighborhoods.


Wow Phyllie – You make it sound as if dog owner’s sh*t don’t stink. I’ll be sure to thank the next person I see walking a dog for their contributions (turd) to the community. Keep up the wonderful crime fighting!


There were 5 fire trucks at one point responding to this accident. The article says two people were transported to the hospital but having been there I believe the injuries were minor. The driver who was speeding said his right arm hurt so he may have broken it.

The other day on QB a fire truck caught fire and there were so many firefighters there and trucks. Seems excessive.

Preschool Teacher

Phyllie, don’t take anyone here literally. People tend to reference the same topics in their comments. Some of these are:

99 cent stores
Dog parks
Asian restaurants

The list goes on and on.

Yes, Mr. Wilson, speed bumps are a great idea. And I only suggest street cameras because there never seem to be cops around, unless someone calls 911.


Let me ask “OppressedMasses” (??!!!) WHY do you think that money allocated for the dog run has been taken away from having camera’s placed?? It’ my understanding that one is transit funds, the other is parks deparment funds. Also, when exactly did you petition Jimmy Van Bramer for cameras at that location, or any other location in Sunnyside for that matter? Where were YOU when all the illegal activity was going on in the park (selling of bear, drugs, renting of PUBLIC PROPERTY to “volley ball” players, loitering of gangs of drunk men inside and outside the park grounds). Where were YOU, OppressedMasses, when a dog owner in the park, ran off a man with a video camera who was standing outside the playground, video taping the children at play? Where were you when these “Volley ball” players were urinating and taking dumps in full sight of, and in some cases, less than 10 feet from children playing in the area? The fact of the matter is that dog owners have stopped and prevented more crime in the past 10 years than any camera in this neighborhood. Camera’s don’t prevent lunatics from shooting or attacking people, as is evident from video recordings on the news. So it’s unlikely that a camera will make much of a difference to people inside cars, where their identity is obscured, driving at a high rate of speed past the cameras. I agree with John K. Wilson, that Speed bumps are much more likely to prevent speeding than a camera or two.
Every dog owner in this neighborhood contributes to this community. They all pay taxes and they deserve to have a safe space to go with their dogs. They have waited and lobbied for 10 years for a dog run, all the time paying taxes and watching others enjoying the park and unable to have any use if the space themselves.
Money for cameras, money for dogrun; people throwing a ball for their dog, people speeding; One has nothing to do with the other, OpressedMasses!!!


Mr. Wilson is correct. Speed bumps will put an end to drag racing. These maniacs may not give a damn about your life but they do care if they bang up the undercarriage of their precious cars.


Just have that Bum who yells CHAAAANGE stand at a corner with a disposable camera and have him yell his catch phrase every time someone speeds.

I am aware this makes no sense I just wanted to make fun of that guy


There’s no money for traffic cameras because of all the $$$ being spent on the Van Bramer Dog Park.


There were cars speeding on Skillman 5-10 minutes prior to the accident. I had just walked from 43rd & Skillman to the store and then just past the corner where I guess I just narrowly missed getting killed – 30 seconds probably.

A young mother and father told me they were at the park and also heard/saw the speeding cars and were concerned about it. People at the scene were saying it was drag racing.

The sound was horrific and incredibly loud. Someone – pedestrian – could have been killed. Those drivers are lucky they had air bags.

John K. Wilson

Anyone fool enough to “drag race” through an area like 42nd & 43rd is, IMHO, very unlikely to be swayed by the presence of a camera—assuming they were even aware that a cam was around. What do such care about fines and points?
“Speed bumps” would alter behavior.


So sad but it was only a matter of time before a horrible crash like this took place. Car are always speeding down 43rd Avenue & Skillman Avenue too. They should have more cops patrolling to give out tickets for speeding. I doubt they would put cameras.

Preschool Teacher

Sorry for the double post. Not at my usual computer. Cameras focused on car traffic will force drivers to drive safely, knowing they will receive a fine and/or points on their license.

I just spoke with the night manager at the OK Deli where this happened. These jerks were DRAG RACING!!! Nice!! On a Friday evening one block from a public school!! You all can debate me all you want!! People drive with total disregard of the law around here. It’s got to stop!!


cameras wont do anything the “crime” wold have already taken place and people injured by the time people looked at the camera.

be real.

Preschool Teacher

I HEARD THIS LAST NIGHT!! I live across the street from OK Food where this happened. I am in the back of the building on 42nd St. There wasn’t even a skid or a crash, just the sound of crushing/bending metal and then the sound of glass breaking. So upsetting!! Then the fire engines came up 42nd. I was too sick with the flu to go outside.

Like I keep saying, we need cameras on the streets! At this point, it is the only action that will save lives.


I HEARD THIS LAST NIGHT!!! I live across the street from the deli and heard the most horrific sound of bending steel and then glass breaking!! No skidding or even a typical “crash.” Just violent and horrible!

I’m tellin’ ya!! We need cameras on the streets! At this point, it is the only action that will save lives!!!


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