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Dogs rescued from Korean dog meat trade up for adoption in Sunnyside on Saturday

Adoption event flyer at Wespaw Oct. 14

Oct. 13, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A group of dogs rescued from the Korean dog meat trade will be up for adoption in an event on Saturday at Sunnyside’s Wespaw Pets.

The event will take place from 12:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 14, where six to seven dogs will be at Wespaw Pets, located at 44-05 Queens Boulevard, for people to interact with and consider for adoption.

A mother with her litter of puppies will be at the adoption event, along with two adult Jindos, a hunting dog breed native to South Korea, according to Gina Boehler, director of Korean K9 Rescue, a volunteer group that opposes South Korea’s dog meat trade.

Boehler learned about the dog meat trade, a practice tracing back to antiquity in her native homeland of South Korea, about a year ago, and decided to partner with activists groups in the country to aid in efforts to stop the practice.

The dogs are rescued by activists in South Korea who negotiate with dog meat farmers on site or purchase the dogs before they are killed for their meat. Another tactic used to rescue dogs includes protesting outside known dog farm locations. Boehler explained that the declining popularity of the practice has made it easier for farmers to give up the dogs.

Once the dogs are rescued, they are vaccinated, neutered, and kept quarantined for a while in South Korea before a volunteer flies with them to John F. Kennedy International Airport. From there, the pups are fostered by volunteers around New York City until they are ready for adoption.

A group of rescued dogs being flown to New York (KoreanK9 Rescue on Instagram)

This is the third adoption event for rescued dogs of the Korean dog meat trade to take place at Wespaw Pets and organized by Boehler. Past events have seen close to 150 people come in and out of the location to play with and walk the dogs, and with multiple people expressing interest in adopting the same dog.

“The adoption event went way past the time it was supposed to, so that’s always good,” said Janet Carhuayno, manager at Wespaw Pets.

But the vetting process for those interested in adopting is selective, with volunteers from the Korean K9 Rescue group conducting reference checks, a check on the home, and requiring a complete application. “We want the dogs to go to a good home,” Boehler said. A portion of the adoption fees go toward the rescue groups in South Korea.

Boehler’s group has managed to adopt out 130 dogs since efforts began last year, and wants to continue putting pressure on the South Korean government to end the practice in a country that consumes up to 2.5 million dogs a year.

“Our goal is to change the stereotype and perception of what a dog is around the world,” Boehler said. “We want to say that a dog is a dog—it doesn’t matter if they’re born on a dog meat farm or a puppy mill, we all consider them our best friends.”

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The problem is not just that dogs are eaten. It is that they are often tortured. They are not slaughtered quickly. Some people believe that the harder the meat, the more health benefits it will offer the consumer (virility…). So, the dogs often endure long, protracted beatings and some are burned or boiled ALIVE. This is what is so barbaric. And nobody said it is the majority of Koreans. It is a minority. And also in China and several other countries. Guess what, I am from one of those countries where some people allegedly eat dog. And, yes, similar torture is committed against so-called ‘livestock’ animals in big factory farms in North America. That is also terrible and should not be ignored. FYI:

OJJ Charitable Trust

Oran Juice Jones is donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of his new album to this fine organization. Please refrain from giving any money to El Loco; he has been fired and has a “no compete clause” in his contract.

An Astoria Mom

Omg,sometimes this site is too much.Which is why we keep reading SSP. Just glad human cannibalism is over! ( Isnt it?).


Are folks not concerned with all the dogs at NYC shelters who already need homes? No need to burn money and fossil fuels flying dogs over from Korea when so many need our help here.


The horrific and brutal interactions that dogs face in South Korea needs to stop. Put an end to the torture and neglect that dogs are exposed to on their journey through the insidious dog meat trade!


Millions of Dogs in S. Korea are beaten to death barbarically for dog meat.
This brutal execution is done to dogs, because many South Koreans believe the flesh from a dog who is tortured to death has aphrodisiac qualities and tastes better. This practice needs to end!


I don’t get what we’re supposed to feel for this? Dogs survived S. Korea to come to the US and take up spots that American dogs could have taken but will now be put down instead? FOREIGNERS NEED TO STOP TAKING AMERICAN JOBS. 😀


This is as dumb as someone from Europe swooping in to rescue chickens from a US poultry farm. Or India rescuing cows….I love dogs but that`s over there and it`s been going on for centuries. Who are we to impose our ways? It`s only about food….nothing else.


True. I get why vegetarians would complain, but meat eaters don’t really have a leg to stand on. Our factory farms aren’t humane either.


According to the Humane Society, South Korea has an estimated 17,000 dog farms where animals are routinely prepared for human consumption. In South Korea, dog meat dishes are so common that they have their own name – Gaegogi.

Its a doggy world

I see the dogs are rescued by activists in South Korea who negotiate with dog meat farmers on site or purchase the dogs…cool, another way to make money with dogs….
I used to make much money myself with dogs. People leave their dogs tied up when they are in the store,,,i would untie the leash get the dog and the owner would think their dog escaped. Some would post reward money… i would return the dog for the reward money. Can’t do this with all the cameras today.

Fan of Dough park

I was curious about this place and on “yelp” is has 5 star to the point of almost being immaculate rating. But then I started reading the reviews and they all sound the same except for the few 1 star ones. How much does it cost to hire people for yelp reviews? I’m sure it’s a nice place but either 1 or 5 star and nothing in the middle reviews makes it interesting

Rocketman Dog Spy

They should take the S Korean Dogs and sneak them into N korea to spy on Rocketman. Also raise your hand if you want Oran Juice Jones to take over JVB’s position in next election.


They kidnapped the dogs and then make money of them how nice. We should focus on the dogs here in nyc especially SUNNYSIDE most of them are homeless


bad journalism ! and racist propaganda ! dogs are animals and just because you (entire segment of people) choose to domesticate them doesnt mean another segment of people cannot eat them. think about what you actually are saying before you wrap your entire life around a “cause” and spread vile racist clickbait. for example, if i decided i was going to have a pig as a pet and companion and get many people to fo the same and them decided it was cruel and terrible for anyone to eat pork. then i decide i would free/steal the pigs and make you feel guilty for eating bacon, baby back ribs, christmas ham, italian subs or anything that contained a cousin of my pet i decided to keep. a pet that in most of our current lives serves little than a teddy to hug or something to go home to that makes me feel needed. wake up people! we are animals and no matter how many silly things you do to pretend to be better than that, you still are. and right now that lady is just exercising her privilege and upper hand in the world. save dogs from being eaten or malign an entire community of people over it. Shall we cite that people keep snakes, fish, alligator, bunnies, lamb and the list goes on as pets and americans, europeans, chinese, indian, africans everyone eat all of these things? just fyi im not even korean or a dog eater i just see dogcrap and cant sit with blatantly biased racist journalism.


My good friend is from Korea and I asked her about this. She told me that the fact is that some Korean people do eat dog meat and that it seems to be popular for its supposed power to enhance stamina and virility for some groups. There are a couple traditional dishes made out of dog meat (the most common is a stew known as boshintang). It is important to note that there are other countries which also eat dog such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Do you think it is acceptable to boil cats and dogs alive? Do you think it is acceptable to torture the dogs and cats? Did you research this topic about the torture?

Level headed dude

Do you think it’s acceptable to hang steer upside down and slit their throats? Jam hogs and chickens into stalls? Cut the beaks off baby chickens?

We don't eat our pets

F U Nancy This is America. Not Korea , not china. We don’t eat pets here. Leave that part of your culture back home


Do you have a conscience? Do you understand what these dogs go through? They are beaten while alive, burned, put into boiling water. Its outrageous. We are appalled by it. How can people allow this to happen and others talk about it like its nothing. SHAME ON YOU!


Well for some its mans best meal! get over it! This is about feeding people not some hunting game ritual.


South Korea has thousands of dog-meat farms, and an estimated 2 million farm-raised canines there are killed for food annually.


Dogs taste good. Only thing is after I eat them I can’t stop scratching behind my ear with my foot

Barbara 39 Place

El Loco ate dog when he was passing through Korea while representing the 48 St Metropolitan Houses DoJo. He lost his last battle badly and then shamefully returned to the US and asked Lilly for his old job back in the kitchen. Lily being disgusted with his string of loses in the Underground Asian Fight Club told him to beat it. She bacially spit some Jameson’s in his face and put her cigarette out on his forehead. This was El Loco at his lowest. He then went to work for Oran Juice Jones but was recently fired by OJJ. Heard he was last seen in Bangladesh hanging out with Bablu.


It’s not an adoption it’s more like selling. My mom wanted to adopt and went by to see.They are asking for $1200 per dog .It’s a scumbag selling dogs out of the pet store. Don’t go I can’t belive this.I bet not one dog from Korea it’s a puppy mill.


Claudi you need to re-tract your statement. You went to the wrong store! the puppy mill store was down the block that sells dogs for $1200.00

We charge a reasonable adoption fee to transport from Korea, Spay, and Medical.


Hey I was there when you came and apologized to Gina for mistaken our adoption even with the pet store on 46th street. Your mom called that store where they sell puppy mill dogs not our rescues from Korea. You promised you would take this comment down. Appreciate if you would do so.

Witness to your BS

I saw you come in during the adoption event acting like a lunatic, hair all frazzled, yanking your dachsund in an abusive manner. Honestly, I thought you were schizophrenic. You lied, scream like a maniac and accused KK9 rescue of charging $1200 for dogs. Nobody ever told your mom that was the adoption fee. You brought your mom by and she openly admitted that she was wrong about the place and organization. You apologized and agreed to remove your comment. This is slander and you need to remove it. If not, you should be sued.

Annie Parker

Many Koreans and Chinese even believe that eating dogs will make you happy because dogs are considered “happy animals.” I, for one, won’t be visiting these countries as long as this goes on. If governments realize that dog meat trade is impacting the influx of tourist dollars, it will cause a change! Spread the word!


So much cruelty in this world. So much unnecessary suffering animals go through at the hands of humans. In the end their must be a correction. Bless you all for helping these poor creatures in South Korea.

Dog Lover

Wouldn’t it be nice if people cared as deeply for humans as they do for animals.

This country is more than willing to accept animals, yet actual humans that suffer human rights abuses, fleeing their country, are being rejected based on false perception and ideology.

This is the tragedy.


Lol, believe it or not, they learn languages just like us…inused to rhinknrhe same thing too when a friend brought home a stray from Greece…not a problem at all…


We need more people like Gina. She truly does amazing work…over 2 continents! Compassionate and driven to make a difference.

Matthew Willis

I’m sorry, but this is ignorant as shit. The few Koreans that still do eat dogs don’t eat domesticated pet dogs. I highly doubt any of those dogs were rescued from a farm in Korea that sells dog meat.

Makes it sound like Koreans are barbaric uncivilized people.


Media attention is good for the cause. People need to know where this is taking place. South Korea (and other countries who eat dog meat) need more international pressure to end this practice or establish laws so those dogs can be raised in at least sanitary environment.

I know

You really haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about. Do some research before spouting nonsense.

Fan of Dough Boy Park

What part of ” practice in a country that consumes up to 2.5 million dogs a year ” did you not understand? They eat dogs . It’s what some of them do. We eat pigs, why, because they’re delicious. My co-worker has a pet pig. It’s runs around with his dogs. He had a BLT for breakfast yesterday. It is what it is.


What are you talking about? “You highly doubt these dogs were saved from Korean meat farms? “Have you been there?!. “These dogs are rescued.from shelters or meat farms with Korean activists”.What are you talking about domesticated dogs? A dog is a dog its wrong to torture any animal and eat it. Pedigrees are also sold to the dog meat farms. You don’t know what you are talking about.

educate yourself

Another clueless fool. Do some research before you start spouting BS. These dogs are absolutely saved from the barbaric meat trade. Often skinned alive to ‘preserve the flavor’.


dang, no kimchi flavored dogs? but in all seriousness, we definitely need more dogs in sunnyside. the wonderful aroma of an extra million dogs piss&chit on the sidewalks smells even better in the summer when it all ripens in the sun along with the high month long humidity in this ultra compacted city.


Dog poop is usually picked up and thrown away. The major problem is urine. The smell especially by trees after days with little rainfall is atrocious.


Not all South Koreans eat dog meat but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any who don’t eat dog meat, so it’s not ignorant.


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