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Dog run at Doughboy Park to be completed by March 2018, Parks Dept. says

Dog run at Doughboy Park

Sept. 29, 2017 By Christian Murray

The dilapidated dog run at Doughboy Park is expected to be revamped by March 2018, according to the Parks Department.

Construction on the dog run in Doughboy Plaza, located on Woodside Avenue between 54th and 56th streets, will be a joint effort conducted by the Parks Department and the School Construction Authority.

The Parks Department will install new stairs, fencing, and plantings to improve access to the dog run area. Meanwhile, the School Construction Authority will be upgrading the dog run itself. The dog run is currently a small, rocky space and is in need of being flattened, officials said.

The dog run was expected to be overhauled several years ago. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer allocating $250,000 toward the project in 2013.

However, the project was delayed since the dog run area was used by the SCA as a staging area for the construction of a new school building at P.S. 11, which is on an adjacent site. The school building opened this month. Since the SCA used the dog run as a staging area, it is doing much of the work.

“The existing dog run is not as good as we want it to be,” Van Bramer said when he announced the funding in 2012, adding that a lot of people in the neighborhood have dogs or like dogs. “It’s going to be great for our four-legged friends.”


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As a new dog owner, I now realize that dog walkers can be the eyes and ears of a neighborhood. As I’m walking late at night, I see people in cars speeding, about to run stop signs, etc. yet the become more law abiding when they realize someone is watching them. Dog owners are the unofficial neighborhood watch.


Yeah right turner and hooch. Ruff ruff. The people who rob you don’t care ?‍♀️ if you have a dog ? ! They have weapons. You playing lookout with your dog might get little Fido stabbed. Better off leavin the crimefighting to the pros.


Yeah, I’m sure kids spray painting graffiti and people illegally dumping their trash on the street (because that is pretty standard Woodside-level crime) will be dissuaded by just a normal person on the street. Stabbing dogs? Stop watching so many police dramas…you know that stuff is made up, right? Get out more…we live in a great neighborhood.


Having used lodati park with my dog for over 10yrs, pre dog run, with between 5-20 dog owners on any given night, not a single crime was committed in that park while we were there. Coincidence? No. The mob rules….

Al Po

Dogs have owners, so the $ is going toward people. A better exercised/socialized dog is a better dog all around, for the dog owning, and non owning, public.

Non Dog Owner

Why should my tax dollars be spent for your personal choice to own a dog? Nope. It should be coming out of the dog owners pocket, not mine. Then I have to deal with dogshit on sidewalks and now I have to pay for dog recreation?


On that note – lets get rid of adult fitness areas and playgrounds – I don’t use any of those things!! I shouldn’t have to donate my tax dollars just because people have kids or take care of themselves.

This is a joke. People who own dogs are tax-paying stakeholders, too.

Non Dog Owner

And a minority. And walking your dog is a luxury, dipshit, not a necessity. Humans first. Dogs don’t pay taxes. You want a dog? Pay for it. I’m for community and all, but not so that your dog can shit on the sidewalk and take up valuable space for humans. People are dying of hunger in squalid conditions and you feel entitled to have others pay for your dog? Nope.


Just read an article that loneliness is as dangerous for your health as smoking cigarettes. Also, sitting on your couch kills you. Dog runs build community and gets people out of the house. It is a great place to meet your neighbors and chit chat. Don’t be such a hater…it’s bad for you heart.

shut yer trap

Another whiney moron. foolish logic, ‘non dog owner’. U hate dogs, it’s clear. All the more reason we are getting the dog run, a safe place from savages like you. WE pay taxes and in this case they are going to good use. Nothing you can do about it. Lol! What exactly have you done to improve the neighborhood?

Non Dog Owner


So then you’re good with paying for my health insurance. Or how about my vacations or metallurgy classes and a free studio space so I can make crappy sculpture. Yeah, I can get on board with that.

Dogs in this country are treated better than humans in this country. And yes, if you have kids, then you should pay for them and not expect someone else to.

Luis sanchez

Your tax money is only a drip in the ocean. Don’t think you do that much. If you don’t like it,,,,,
TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!
It’s lime saying to a cop, my taxes pay your salary. You stoopid !!!

Mr magloo is my bloss

No clean dog poo because they do their business in the dog run. If you stay out dog run you no step in poo.

too beautiful for sunnyside

who cares about dopey dogs when they blew up the kosciusko bridge this morning?! Wheres that story?


The dog run run run….the dig run run…ahghhh her name was Jill,,,,the dog run run run, the dog run run…….


Good so now all of the people that let there dogs run all over the hill shitting and scaring children have an allocated place to bring them to. It’s about time. Pretty soon another homeless shelter will open and we will rid the bums there too.

Al from Sunnyside

Money for people not dogs. Stop wasting money on dog runs. They can go run on the beach. When I was a kid there were no dog runs and the dogs were tougher then. We need better services for homeless people.

Al from sunnyside

I’m al from sunnyside and I say good. We need dog runs. This other post is an al-wannabe


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