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Dog Parade to Take Place in Woodside Saturday

Halloween Dog Costume (SunnysidePost)

Oct. 21, 2013 By Christian Murray

More than 100 dogs—accompanied by their owners– are expected to participate in the second annual “Woofside” Halloween Pet Parade this Saturday.

The event, organized by Woodside on the Move, is likely to attract pooches dressed as cowboys, pirates, ballerinas, ball-room dancers, hot dogs, bumble bees, commandos and even knights.

The event will kick off at Skillman Pets (49th and Skillman Ave.) and parade goers will march from there to Windmuller Park.

“Last year over 50 people and their dogs participated and we expect over double that this year,” said Adrian Bordoni, the executive director, of Woodside on the Move.

The cost of registration will be $5.

Participating dog owners will receive goody bags, chances to win raffles as well the ability to win prizes for the best canine costumes. Sponsors will include Skillman Pets, Petland Discounts and the Queens Animal Hospital. Those businesses will have tables set up at Windmuller Park.

Bordoni said there will also be training workshops and grooming demonstrations.


Time: 11 am

Date: Saturday, Oct. 26

Location: Skillman Pets, (49th and Skillman Ave.)

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Bright side of Sunnyside

I was expecting to read a bunch of fun happy posts about the parade , but its true some people have nothing better to do then bitch and complain. I for one can’t wait for the parade it’s my first time going and I’m going with my 2 kids and my pup who are one big happy poopy family!

Sunnyside Native

Doglover – if you have a problem, go to your local community board meeting and voice your complaint. Stop posting your usual, annual anti-dog comment regarding Windmuller Park every year. It’s annoying and pretty tiring at this point. Leave this article for people who want to say positive things about the Woofside Parade. So much negativity in this world. You must tire yourself out…


There are places for dogs and there are places for kids. The Parks Department has made rules about this. Why do you have a problem with that? “Irresponsible parents” why don’t you train your dog not to run loose out of view, destroy property, urinate on the ground, act rudely to others, the list goes on and on. There are human rights and animal rights. Why must a human defer to a dog when a human is trying to walk down the street and keep his shoes clean? I understand that pets can provide companionship if you don’t have any. Just follow the rules.

Sunnyside Native

Agree with Mr. Magoo!

@ Doglover – If you have children, you must have them living in a bubble…like on the Seinfeld episode when the Mom & Dad had a ‘bubble boy’. Get over yourself!

Mr. Magoo

I love kids. I have kids. Children are adorable, little walking germ factories who spread colds & germs to one another. There are many more creative ways for kids to get sick; canine fecal matter is the least of their problems.

irresponsible parents

Doglover, who will protect the dogs from the disgusting humans that have yet to learn how to use a garbage can, or teach their children that valuable lesson?

If I had a nickel for every irresponsible parent I have seen in Sunnyside allow their kids to run loose out of view, destroy property, toss trash on the ground, grab dogs, act rudely to others, the list goes on and on…
I would be a rich man.

This is a Woodside event, it can stay there.


Dogs are not allowed in Windmuller Park, on a leash or off, in both the basketball -walking track area and the kiddy playground. They are allowed only in the Doughboy section and may be unleashed there only after 9pm. It’s clearly posted at each entrance. I think the Parks Dept. has posted it that way because little children are very close to the ground and even if a dog owner removes the most of their dog’s solid waste, they can not clean up the urine. These rules are routinely violated every day but having a special “parade” only makes the violators feel more entitled. Why don’t they go to the new dog run?


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