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Development Boom Continues on 52nd Street, Plans Filed for Five Story Building

43-30 52nd St. (Google)

Dec. 11, 2019 By Kristen Torres

The building boom near the 52nd Street subway station shows no signs of abating.

A developer filed plans Tuesday to build a 5-story, 10-unit apartment building on 52nd Street, on the small block between Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Boulevard.

The site, with the official address of 43-30 52nd St., is across the street from a number of development sites. Plans are currently in the works for an eight story, 60-unit apartment complex to be spread across 43-13 to 42-21 52nd St.

The five-story building will consist of 2,700 square feet of commercial space; 600 square feet for a community facility (such as a Pre-K or medical offices); and 7,700 for residential use.

The entire structure will be 55 feet tall and will include a cellar and planned recreational area on the rooftop.

The commercial space is likely to be used for a restaurant or bar and will be in the cellar, according to the plans. Medical offices are likely to be on the first floor.

Apartment units will take up the second through fifth floors.

HFG Management bought the property in August for 2 million.

Many buildings have risen in the immediate area in recent times.

The site backs onto to a seven-story, 29-unit development at 51-25 Queens Blvd. that was completed in 2017 on the north west corner of Queens Boulevard and 52nd Street. Across the street is Icon 52, a 9-story 66-unit building that was completed in 2014.

On the south west corner of 52nd and Roosevelt Avenue a seven-story mixed use building—consisting of 40 apartments, offices and stores—is currently being built.

At the corner of 51st and Roosevelt, a 17-story building is slated to go up.

51-25 Queens Blvd (left) and Icon 52 (right) GMaps

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Can’t wait to leave this city. It just gets more and more crowded, more and more expensive. I don’t understand how they’re going to fill all these buildings. Are there that many rich people willing to spend $1500-2000 per month on a 1BR?


It so sad what the rezoning as done to this part of Queens. When they expanded the commercial zone from Queens Blvd into the residential area of the side streets it was the beginning of the end. I don’t recognize my hometown any longer. 9 story buildings popping up and dwarfing the the old 1 and 2 family houses. My family had been Queens residents since 1950, 4 generations. We just got out while the getting was good.

Woodside Resident

This building is not needed. It’s just developers forcing unnecessary buildings into an area that doesn’t want or need them. Where is Jimmy Van Bramer when these plans continually get forced through?


This is pure fucking insanity. Has anyone ridden the 7 lately? There is no plan here. City does not care about you.


One Terrific Mess, and it’s only getting worse. There will be over crowding and they can’t handle the volume of people with public transportation and parking. Someone said they are already out, so am I – I grew up in the neighborhood. Am now a stranger in a strange land. Very few conveniences left any more . Track work still being done now they want to renovate/remodel a couple of the train stations – more inconveniences

rgs sunnyside

ok more housing is a good thing but a packed 7 train at rush hour will be even worse! gonna be a packed 7 coming into 46 bliss stop during that time! yeah more housing while 52nd station falls apart and never will there be a elevator there! housing yes but infrastructure even more so! typical real estate low life sleaze!


Nice. Happy that it will have retail space since this part of the neighborhood was always lacking dining options.


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