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De Blasio Calling on Residents to Report Social Distancing Violators

People adhering to social distancing guidelines outside a Walgreens in Elmhurst (Photo: QueensPost)

April 20, 2020 By Christian Murray

Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling on New Yorkers to report business owners and fellow residents who are not adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

The mayor said Saturday that this was not snitching but was needed to save lives.

“I’m sorry this is not snitching, this is about saving lives,” de Blasio said. “This is about saving lives.”

The mayor said residents are advised to send texts to 311 or use the 311 app and include a photo of violators.

“When you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distancing, when you see a supermarket that’s too crowded, anything, you can report it right away,” the mayor said.

The mayor reiterated that this is about protecting families.

“When we were threatened with terrorism, no one doubted that it was the right if you saw something to call it in immediately,” the mayor said.

The mayor noted that with the warm spring weather more people will be tempted to go out. He urged residents to follow the social distancing rules, which requires people to be at least six feet apart in public places.

He said that the city will fine people up to $1,000 if they fail to comply.

De Blasio said the police will be patrolling trouble spots—such as certain parks– to crack down on violators.

“We don’t want to give fines,” de Blasio said. “But this is serious and it’s going to get harder with the fine weather.”

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It's good that the public is reporting public health violations

just kidding, citizens make it a police state somehow

Stay Loose

In this topsy turvy world, we now have liberals demanding more intrusion into our personal lives, including getting in the habit of spying on our neighbors and reporting them to the police. That used to be only what fascists like Trump encourage people to do.


It started as “15 days to slow the spread” so hospitals wouldn’t get overwhelmed. Then it turned to stay home to save lives. Now it’s take photos of anyone not adhering to our decree.

No law has been passed by the elected legislature. Nothing has been debated. Just obey.

No yorker

Bums on train with the frontline healthcare workers Who must get to work dont tell people who report this too 311 its. The mta. S Problem you are not helping your city by crying for help from the fed & then crying About the fed Trump is saving Ny city & State. But u will all Vote for Sleeping sick Joe bye Ny. Its over


My neighbor was having what seemed to be a shirtless all male get together and a sent a pic of it through my window to 311. But no one showed up to stop it. I could not sleep all night from the music screaming and what sounded like moaning.


Start taking pics and post them online of all the crowded subways, parks, markets and mostly joggers passing by us with no masks on. Let the public and the country know that there are picking and choosing which practices to focus on, go after and place blame on. I am tired of watching all these rich white folks on tv saying how difficult it is for them because they have to dye or cut their own hair all while streaming from their huge backyards with pools bigger than my apartment. Using food to make science experiments with their kids while people are starving. Or famous New Yorker’s who left setting up go fund me pages and charities to help the city from like Florida. Claiming they will only come back when its safe. Focus on the struggling majority of NY for a change!!


Don’t be sheep, people. DeBlasio wants total control over your lives as does Cuomo. #bigbrotheriswatchingyou. Liberals love the police state.


“This is not snitching”. Yes, it is: Big Brother DeBlasio is watching you. Turning neighbors against each other and creating a police state is the DeBlasio way.

Trump lovers ACTUALLY believe this

There’s this concept of “social distancing,” staying away from people makes it harder to get sick.

If people get close to each other, more people get sick.

So it’s good for public health. Enforcing that is a “police state?!” Wow, you’re incredibly gullible.

(There aren’t any hashtags on this site)

Dan edge

Snitches get stitches… corner store was reported for price gauging. Nothing was done plus the guy who reported it was found out immediately. Mind your business people..

Did you mean "1984?" lmao

I don’t remember there being a book called 1999 lol.

Thought police? Actions are being policed; what thoughts are being policed? Do you even think about the proper cliche to use?

Sunnyside Sally

Unfortunately, there are some idiots out there who see two people (husband and wife!) sitting on their porch and start yelling “we’re reporting you” and taking pictures. Yes, this actually happened. Mayor, you need to make this direction clearer for the stupid people in the back >.<


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