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De Blasio Announces Furloughs for Another 9,000 City Employees

Sept. 23, 2020 By Allie Griffin

More than 9,000 city employees will be furloughed as the city faces a major budget deficit spurred by the coronavirus shutdown, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today.

Thousands of managerial and non-union city employees must take five days of furlough between October and March, which will save the city $21 million, the mayor said.

The news expands on the announcement de Blasio made last week that he and his mayoral staff of roughly 500 employees will also take a week-long furlough.

The furloughs will help offset the $9 billion revenue hole the city is facing amid the pandemic.

“[It’s] something that’s very painful to have to announce,” de Blasio said. “It has real human consequences but it is necessary.”

However, furloughs will only buy the city more time to balance its budget, he said — adding that layoffs could still happen later on.

“We need to keep finding savings to keep bridging us to give us a chance to get something better than layoffs,” de Blasio said. “No one wants to see layoffs, but unfortunately they’re still on the table.”

He has previously warned that he may lay off 22,000 municipal employees if the city doesn’t get either federal assistance or borrowing power from the state.

The city is continuing to work with union leaders to find savings and avoid layoffs, the mayor added.

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He should fire himself and his greedy wife who squandered Thrive money. They should both be indicted for kickbacks and bribes. You voted for this, people.

no jobs, no wall, no economy

Orange man’s bungling of the pandemic means NYS is already at 16.5% unemployment. This isn’t helping!

Trump slashed FEMA funding for NYC

You’re right, Trump caused RECORD high unemployment. But he’s not doing anything for NYC

Cuba Libre!

Your dictator Cumo and diblabbermouth caused all the problems. You made you bed now lie in it.

Viva socialismo!!

Cuomo and Deblasio’s plan for more free stuff…tax the rich…keep businesses closed…release the criminals!!

a dope from park slope

DeBlasio’s draconian shutdown causes 16.5% unemployment and they gave him the new nickname of “orange man”?…that is shocking news….he looks more communist red to me…

De blasio is the president?

The worst unemployment, nationwide, in our nation’s history.

That de Blasio’s fault? How gullible ?

Blazio likes his sanctuary city the way it is.

That’s where he’s at fault for the unemployment in the city. He likes to allow people not to #adult.

Trump promised to "cancel all funding of sanctuary cities," that was a lie

You’re right, another failed promise by Trump that you fell for.

But Trump caused the worst unemployment in our entire nation…you can’t even understand why that would affect our largest city…


This Mayor with his wife who mismanged $250 million of our tax dollars on a bogus mental health initiative no one knows where the money went – $500 per room per night hotel rooms to house the homeless when that same room on trip advisor went for $99.00 per night, the friends of the mayor who run a pyramid of not for profits providing inflated services from drug addiction counseling to yoga classes and anger management and other services bilking the city for hundreds of millions of dollars all operated by a group who live in Lawrence Long Island and the mayors old stomping grounds of Boro-Park, Park Slope. Worse administration in the history of NYC, Jimmy Van Bramer who fought and opposed 25,000 jobs when he turned Amazon away – look at the footage from those city council hearings two years ago stocked with protesters, he relished the moment – now he’s a washed up two bit politician never again to hold a public office. Enough already.

Stop paying for people to sit on their asses!!!

They’ve sucked in the city’s teat long enough!!!

Time to pull your weight.

Furlough Carranza

He should furlough Carranza, that should be enough to pay the bills for ten other city employees!


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