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Cynthia Nixon Endorses Amit Bagga in 26th District Council Race

Amit Singh Bagga and Cynthia Nixon (Photo Provided By Amit For Council)

Feb. 4, 2021 By Allie Griffin

Actress and progressive activist Cynthia Nixon endorsed Amit S. Bagga today in the crowded 26th District council race.

The former gubernatorial candidate is Bagga’s second high-profile endorsement this week. He was endorsed by State Sen. Jessica Ramos on Tuesday.

The seat representing Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside and a portion of Astoria is currently occupied by term-limited Jimmy Van Bramer, who will complete his term at the end of the year.

Bagga, who recently served as the deputy director of the city’s 2020 Census campaign, is one of 19 candidates vying to replace Van Bramer.

The Sunnyside resident, who would be the first queer South Asian in the Council if elected, said it was an honor to win Nixon’s endorsement.

“She has been an inspiration to all of us fighting for real change,” Bagga said, noting her work on behalf of the BIPOC, immigrant, and queer communities. “I am deeply honored to have her support in building our collective movement to provide opportunity to all New Yorkers, so that we may all live with dignity, and build power – together.”

In turn, Nixon – known for her role in the Sex and the City series – said she is excited to support Bagga’s bid for city council.

“Amit’s got the clarity of vision, commitment of purpose, and experience in delivering real results for working New Yorkers that we will need to rebuild a just and inclusive economy,” Nixon said in a statement. “I’ve seen first-hand the powerful energy he can bring to a room, and I can’t wait to see him bring the same energy to the Council.”

Nixon said that Bagga has the experience needed to achieve climate justice for frontline communities, dismantle and reimagine policing, and create a truly equitable public school system.

“I couldn’t be more excited to endorse him,” she said.

Bagga also earned the backing of two labor unions on Monday — Local 802 – American Federation of Musicians and the Professional Staff Congress of CUNY (PSC-CUNY).

Along with the recent endorsements — Bagga told the Queens Post his experience in city government and track record of crafting successful policies sets him apart from the other candidates vying for the council seat.

Bagga has worked in City Hall as deputy commissioner both at the NYC Department of Consumer & Worker Protection and at the Department of Social Services.

He most recently spearheaded the city’s Census outreach program in which he and colleagues created a network of 157 community-based groups that explained the importance of completing the Census to neighbors in their spoken language.

A June primary and November general election this year will determine who will represent the district for a four-year term beginning in 2022.

Other candidates include Jonathan Bailey, Tavo Bortoli, Lorenzo Brea, Giselle Burgess, Julia Forman, Glennis Gomez, Marvin Jeffcoat, Denise Keehan-Smith, Badrun Khan, Heajin Kim, Jesse Laymon, Sultan Maruf, Brent O’Leary, Emily Sharpe, Julie Won, Ebony Young, according to the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Jeffcoat is the lone Republican candidate in the race thus far.

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Concerned Citizen

No thanks. I’m looking for someone who is pro big business (since they bring jobs) and considers the wants and needs of homeowners…..prioritizing safety is also a major issue. There are too many assaults and stabbings happening in Sunnyside. If we could have a candidate who can put up CCTV along Queens blvd, the corner of 46th and greenpoint, and by the papa johns on greenpoint that would be great.

Identity Politics Meh Yawn

I’m so sick of this identity politics nonsense. If I need to see a doctor for a serious condition I seek out the best qualified person I can find to help me. I don’t care nor do I want to hear about their race , sexual orientation gender or genders , about how tough a life they had etc etc , we all have our issues , I just want the best qualified person period. Same for who I vote for.

Why does the Radical Right want everything to be PC?

I’m sorry you were offended by it, but the statistic is true. Trump was the first president with no experience at all. Even if that offends you, it’s still true.

What would boldwin do

This is almost as powerful as jimmy’s endorsement by kal pen. Who doesn’t like an endorsement from an actor past their prime?

I wonder who Alec Boldwin would endorse.

Qualified by nature?

Does being “the first queer South Asian” make him the most outstanding best qualified candidate?


It doesn’t say that. The sentence is read as statistical to the non-bigot that read it!


Yes. Most fashionably dressed too. If he’s elected, assembly will look much better on the tv.

No one said that

No one said that, did you read the article?

Is there a way they could have phrased his description of himself that you would find more PC?

Celebrities, is there anything they don't know?

I’m waiting for Sarah Jessica Parker to endorse a candidate before I decide who to vote for.

Trump lovers hate celebrities, right?

You didn’t elect a game show host, with less experience than Cynthia Nixon, to the white house did you? Otherwise your post is worthless hypocrisy!

Political obsession

Get a sense of humour. It was a joke. Your TDS is full blown at this point. Seek therapy. Your must be a riot at parties

Did you vote for the game show host?

Neat insults. You didn’t elect a game show host the white house did you?

Not a Trumpster, also barfing at “celebrity” endorsements

Speaking as someone who definitely did not vote for Trump—-registered Dem my whole life and definitely leaning left—-I find this celebrity endorsement gross. This is clearly Van Bramer trying to bring in what he perceives as “big guns” to back his favored candidate. That in itself is enough to make me not vote for this guy, but the concept that people like Nixon or Kal Penn should have any weight in endorsing someone to represent my neighborhood is absurd and tone deaf.


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