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Cuffed Brooklyn Men Allegedly Pimped At Queens Blvd Hotel

Days Inn (GMaps)

Days Inn (Google Maps)

June 9, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

Two Brooklyn men charged with sex trafficking allegedly forced a teenage girl into prostitution from a Long Island City Days Inn, according to the Queens District Attorney.

Defendants Kadeem Moore, 18, and Francois Cousins, 22, were charged last week with sex trafficking, promoting prostitution, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful imprisonment, after allegedly forcing two women, 23 and 16, into prostitution.

They face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

According to the charges, the older woman introduced the teenager to Moore at the Days Inn located at 31-36 Queens Blvd. Moore and Cousins then allegedly forced them to prostitute numerous times in Queens and elsewhere from January to March, using intimidation and physical abuse.

A general manager at the Queens Boulevard Days Inn declined to comment.

The charges describe a series of attempted escapes by the younger woman thwarted with violence, until a 911 call from the older woman, answered by the 108 precinct, led investigators to prostitution advertisements of the teenager.

On March 10, an NYPD sting operation responded to the advertisement, and an undercover officer was directed to a Queens Clarion Hotel, where the younger woman agreed to have sex with the officer in exchange for $120, according to the DA. Moore and the older woman were allegedly observed in the vicinity.

The DA’s office could not confirm the precise location of this Clarion.

Attorneys for Moore and Cousins could not be reached for comment. Defendants are scheduled to return to court on June 22.

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Why did nobody comment on the seriousness of this situation? All you idiots just make comments about the title and the minor details. Do you understand that a CHILD was forced into prostitution? The lives of both of the women are ruined forever. I’m ashamed to say that I live in the same neighborhood as all you insensitive immature people.


Did anyone else think that the headline meant that men were being cuffed to a radiator and pimped out? I feel duped.


so please do tell what does our counselman Jimmy have to say about this — oh wait — he only thinks about LIC —


Given the history of the Queens Plaza area, maybe it’s time to establish a red light district there, and include a medical marijuana dispensary. Adopt protections for workers, including medical coverage and retraining, as needed, and for customers, like honest advertising practices. Enact a special use tax and other municipal revenue streams. Use the police resources freed up from chasing down the current illegal activities for other sorely needed enforcement activity, like finally tackling the E-bike scourge. This would be a truly progressive agenda!.


This is on the other side of the railroad tracks- is it still considered the Queens Plaza area?

Sam Adams

What does a medical marijuana dispensary have to do with prostitution? You’re lumping a plant that can potentially cure diseases and that reduces the size of tumors, slows cancer growth, eliminates side effects of chemo, stops seizures, and assists in the treatment of numerous mental illnesses, into the same category as flesh trade? Are you under the impression that hookers get addicted to pot and turn to a life of prostitution? That’s the dumbest thing in the world, and is historically unlikely. Crack, heroin, coke – yes, maybe even alcohol, but not weed. Ridiculous person. Not only is that incredibly ignorant, but it trivializes the suffering of trafficked persons all over the world. The progressive agenda is the well-being of all people. Legalizing prostitution leads to greater inflow of trafficked persons, criminalization reduces it but at the cost of treating the victims like criminals. It’s a lose-lose situation. Why don’t you do some research using legitimate resources before you start huffing and puffing? Afraid you’ll lose the notoriety your myopic view has brought you?


I don’t get the part about them being cuffed. Is this some new way of saying they’ve been arrested?

Local watcher

How do you know they aren’t being falsely accused how do you know that the girl didn’t lie about her age and how do you know that they were really forced. Do they have proof of that?


With LIC building all those high rises, where will the pimps and hoes go?
Congratulations to cops for catching these scums, the punishment should be pimping them in return.

PS: There is no more soup, Google, please for gods sakes, no more soup, show me something else.

Boyd Rice

Is scums the plural of scum? I would have used scumbags myself (no pun intended)…..

Bridget Riley

I can’t think of anything else someone would rent a room in that place for. Right against the train? Feet from unending streams of car traffic? Rentals by the hour, for sure.


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